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WIU Takes Gold in Two Categories of Design in Collegiate Advertising Awards '24

The Western Illinois University Office of Communications and Marketing and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions recently were granted multiple Collegiate Advertising Awards, with victories across three categories. This effort was in line with WIU's commitment to excellence in marketing and recruitment efforts.

WIU made its way to the top in three distinct categories, demonstrating high performance in the areas of design, advertising and recruiting. Submissions are reviewed by a national panel of industry experts, with a possibility of 100 total points.

The scoring breakdown is as follows:  Judges Choice, only two issued, top 1%; Gold Awards, top 5% in the nation; Silver Awards, top 12% in the nation; Bronze Awards, top 16% in the nation. Judges' Choice will be announced in the coming weeks.

Gold Award: "Purple Stands Out"

WIU clinched the Gold Award in the Recruitment - Series category for its entry "Purple Stands Out." This recognition highlights WIU's strategic and cohesive approach to recruitment campaigns, showcasing the University's unique identity and offerings to potential students.

Gold Award: "Leathernecks Don't Blend In"

In the Billboard Design - Series category, WIU won with its entry "Leathernecks Don't Blend In," earning another prestigious Gold Award. This accomplishment underscores WIU's ability to command attention and convey its message effectively in outdoor advertising spaces.

Bronze Award: "Leathernecks Stand Out"

In the Student Viewbook - Printed category, WIU secured the Bronze Award for its entry "Leathernecks Stand Out." This achievement underscores WIU's ability to captivate prospective students through visually compelling and informative print materials.

"I'm incredibly proud of the work we do in our division. It is a testament to our great teamwork with the Admissions team, as well as the incredible talent we have in-house," Interim Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Media Relations Alisha Looney said. "While many schools may use external agencies to produce commercials, recruitment materials and marketing campaigns, our work is done internally by a very talented and capable staff."

Western's marketing and recruitment materials are the result of coordinated efforts between University Marketing and Undergraduate Admissions, with support from the Photography Design and Production office. University Marketing works with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to design and produce the University's recruitment publications each year.

The Collegiate Advertising Awards recognize excellence in advertising, marketing and promotion efforts among educational institutions across the United States and Canada. A panel of industry experts selects winning entries based on criteria such as creativity, messaging, design and overall effectiveness.

The full list of winners can be found at

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