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What is Your Most Cherished Memory?

By LeAnn Morgan

Published October 21, 2021 in The burg

I know we’ve all read a certain book in our life that resonates with us long after we’ve finished the last chapter. Reading the book called “Stuff” by PHD holders, Gales Steketee and Randy Frost, became another one that stuck in my head long after I closed the pages.

It helps give the reader a picture about the psychology of why some people hoard…and also touches on the difference between a hoarder and someone who is materialistic. Where a hoarder will often hide their possessions away, a money-oriented person finds pleasure in showing off their belongings. In reality, most everyone has something they find hard to part with or enjoy collecting, and maybe even an item to show off once in a while, however, for some, it gets out of control. But, this is not what I’m going to write about. There is another subject in the book that has impact; for all our possessions and things we have acquired, when most people are asked to recall a cherished memory, it’s rarely a substance of worldly goods. Curious as I am, I decided to find out how accurate this statement was. Not mentioning that I read the book, I asked a few friends to recall a cherished memory: Pammy: As a child every Easter my parents and siblings would dress up and go pick up Grandma and Grandpa for church. After church, we’d pile into a dad’s Rambler to drive to the Blackhawk Hotel in Davenport to eat their special Easter Smorgasbord. I still think about those days often. Shirley: One that pops into my mind are the times my family spent at Lake Bracken, swimming and balancing across the swinging bridge…and how mom had to coax us out of the water to come and eat the most delicious grilled hamburgers. Cherie: I cherish the peaceful memory of going with my grandparents fishing. And viewing my grandma on video at age eight-five, dancing the funky chicken. Susan: My dad serving up pancakes with a smiley face and my mother reading to me. Jane: I had a happy realization after a rudimentary exchange with three Frenchmen asking for directions to the Tower of London when I spotted them later that day at the Tower. Jay, age seven; letter to Santa: What I want for Christmas is for all of my family to be together. I will leave the presents up to you. I am a great fan of yours though. Phil: Visiting California, a friend unexpectedly loaned me his wife’s motorcycle and together we rode all the way up the coastal highway. This is not to say possessions can’t be cherished. What could be more precious than a child’s display of artwork on the refrigerator, or a priceless photo album? But certainly, most of the things we buy or collect are just that—things. I challenge you to look back on your cherished memories. What comes to mind?

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