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T-Mobile Unveils Galesburg as one of the next 25 Hometown Grants recipients

On September 22 T-Mobile announced Galesburg as one of the 25 small towns winning Hometown Grants to jumpstart vital community development projects. The $50,000 grant will go towards creating a new Skills Lab with tools and equipment to prepare the community for the workforce inside the new Galesburg Public Library.

“The new Galesburg library will transform the community in a variety of ways,” says Peter Schwartzman, Mayor of Galesburg. “Our residents will have much better access to the materials, tools and programs that will enable them to contribute constructively to our community."

Launched in April 2021, T-Mobile Hometown Grants is a $25 million, five-year initiative to support the people and organizations who help small towns across America thrive and grow by providing funding to kickstart important new community development projects. Since the program’s start, T-Mobile has given more than $5.5 million dollars to kickstart 125 community development projects across 37 states, including Galesburg.

Hometown Grants are provided every quarter to up to 25 towns. Every small town with a population of less than 50,000 people with a vision for how to make their community even stronger than it is today are eligible and encouraged to apply.

Hometown Grants are part of the Un-carrier’s massive 5-year commitment announced in April 2021 to bring 5G to rural America, open hundreds of new stores and support economic development in small towns by providing $25 million in funding. In addition, T-Mobile unleashed Home Internet, a new wireless home broadband service available to more than 40 million households – a third of which are in rural America. In May 2022, T-Mobile unveiled Internet Freedom, a new Un-carrier move to address pain points in the broadband industry and make it easier for broadband customers to break up with Big Internet, lock in their price with massive savings, and feel appreciated.

It’s all part of T-Mobile’s goal to ensure that all Americans — from big cities to small towns and rural communities across the U.S. — have access to all the latest products, services and technology.

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