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Streaks Make a Late, Bold Push for Playoffs

By John Ring

Published October 21, 2021 in The Burg

It’s late in the season, the Silver Streaks are 3-5 and there’s just one game left in the regular season but there’s still a glimmer of playoff hope at Van Dyke Field.

4-5 teams will be eligible for the playoffs this season. The Silver Streaks will be favored in their road game next Friday night against Rock Island Alleman. So a 4-5 record is there to be taken.

And given the point system, based on strength of conference and schedule, the Streaks playing in the Western Big 6 and non-conference games against Dunlap and Morton will be good “X” factors in the selection of Galesburg down the road.

“Winning two in a row would be nice,” said Coach Derek Blackwell, after the Streaks defeated United Township last Friday night. “That puts us at 4-5 and some teams with that record could slip in.”

Several Streak players talked about that as well after their 17-8 win over the Panthers. “It’s going to be big for us to finish the season strong and that’s what we want to do,” said sophomore kicker Sam Satisky. “We love our seniors and that would be a great way to finish this out.”

“If we go out and get these last two wins, we’ve got a great chance to make it because of our schedule,” said junior quarterback Tristan Legate.

Hunter DeVena, who was clearly the Star of the Game, threw in his two cents as well.

“Our defense has been consistent all year long. Coach Blackwell preaches it. We came in Monday after that loss to Moline and just put it behind us and got ready for the next game. Now we have one game left and we have to take care of business.”

“The Western Big 6 is tough week in and week out,” said Blackwell. “It’s a dogfight every week.

Every team plays fast and is physical. Tonight, the other team brought it to us and we took it right back at them. That’s what you have to do.”

“Two straight would be good and sneak us into the playoffs,” said junior running back Cameron Aguirre. “That’s the plan.”

Nothing wrong with that. Some would say an under .500 team shouldn’t make it but if I recall correctly, the 1973 New York Mets finished the regular baseball season with an 82-79 record and took the defending champion Oakland A’s to the 7th game of the World Series that year.

So don’t say that to the Silver Streak players. Don’t say it to the Streaks coaching staff. And

especially don’t say it to the dozens of GHS students who celebrated on the field with their football team last Friday night at Van Dyke Field.

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