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Sorensen Requests Millions to Support Local Projects

Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) is requesting funding for 15 local projects that will benefit Illinois families as Congress works to fund the government. 

“We have such a special way of life here in Central and Northwestern Illinois,” said Sorensen. “And if we want to make our region sustainable for future generations, we need to make investments now that will support our region’s growth. These fifteen local projects that I am requesting funding for from Congress will bring clean water to communities that need it, invest in our infrastructure, and support our first responders. As your trusted voice in Washington, I will never stop fighting to bring hard-earned tax dollars back home to make our neighborhoods safer and healthier.” 

The Community Project Funding process allows members of Congress to request funds for critical initiatives in the communities they represent. Sorensen requested the following projects be included in FY2025 spending bills: 



Upgrades to Rock Island Wastewater Treatment Plant: Sorensen is requesting $10 million for the City of Rock Island to repair, improve, and update various piping, equipment, and infrastructure at the Mill Street Wastewater Treatment Plant. The investment will improve the plant’s ability to treat wastewater efficiently, increase treatment capacity, reduce operational costs, and improve the plant’s resilience and sustainability. 

“The Mill Street Wastewater Treatment Plant requires essential repairs and improvements to continue to keep costs down and provide quality wastewater services to the residents of Rock Island for generations to come,” said Mayor Mike Thoms. “Wastewater infrastructure is vital to the daily operations of municipalities. We are grateful to the federal government and Congressman Sorensen for supporting projects like these, which provide crucial upgrades needed to ensure our communities remain healthy, vibrant and sustainable places to live and work." 


Clean Drinking Water for East Moline Families: Sorensen is requesting $800,000 for East Moline to upgrade its water treatment system so it can continue to provide drinkable water to households for years to come. The funding will achieve this by repairing a clearwell, which is a critical tool used to disinfect drinking water during the last stage of the drinking water purification process. 

“As the Mayor of East Moline, I am committed to ensuring the reliability and sustainability of our community's water supply. Our aging Water Treatment Plant's concrete clearwell has developed some significant cracks which compromise the integrity of the structure and, if not addressed, could compromise the reliability of our potable water system. With federal funding through the diligent efforts of Congressman Sorensen, we could finally address this issue. This project is not just about maintenance; it's about safeguarding our community's public health and ensuring a sustainable water supply for years to come. I extend my heartfelt thanks to Congressman Sorensen for his continued support and commitment to East Moline,” said Reggie Freeman, Mayor, City of East Moline. 


Training Tower for Sauk Valley Firefighters: To give first responders the tools and training they need to keep families safe, Sorensen is requesting $1.5 million for the Rock Falls Fire Department to construct a new training tower for use by the department and other local departments in the region. 

“These Federal Dollars will be used by Sauk Valley firefighters for community fire training at the Rock Falls facility,” said Rodney Kleckler, Mayor, City of Rock Falls. 


Water Tower for Coal Valley: Sorensen is requesting $3,440,000 for the Village of Coal Valley to construct a new water tower to better provide families with reliable water access. The project replaces aging infrastructure and ensures Coal Valley is compliant with state health and environmental requirements. 

“The Village of Coal Valley is deeply appreciative and honored to be considered for funding by Representative Sorensen as part of the appropriations process. This essential infrastructure project would not be able to move forward without Representative Sorensen's assistance in fighting for this crucial funding source,” said Mike Bartels, President, Village of Coal Valley


Sewer Upgrades for City of Silvis: Sorensen is requesting $3.4 million to allow the City of Silvis to upgrade its outdated sewer infrastructure. Current sewer lines have served the community for over a century, but are now prone frequent leaks, blockages, and structural failures. The project bolsters the city’s resilience against flooding and storm surges and  

minimizes disruptions to essential services. 

“The replacement of the century-old sewer lines on 7th Street and 3rd Street in Silvis is not just a matter of infrastructure maintenance; it is an investment in the future of Silvis and its residents. By securing funding for this critical project, we have the opportunity to create lasting positive impacts in the realms of public health, environmental sustainability, community resilience, and economic development. Together, let us renew Silvis and build a stronger, more vibrant future for generations to come,” said Matt Carter, Mayor, City of Silvis. 


Sewer Upgrades for Macomb: To reduce the impacts of flooding and storms on the community of Macomb, Sorensen is working to deliver $1.6 million to upgrade sewer and stormwater infrastructure. The proposed project will be used to replace 2,668 linear feet of old vitrified clay pipe with new polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe, ensuring resiliency of the city’s stormwater system and reducing the impacts of flooding on homes and businesses for years to come. When old infrastructure leads to overflow, it pours into basements, causing homeowners to pay for removing the water and property damage. 

"This storm sewer project will greatly improve stormwater drainage in the southwest part of the City of Macomb. If approved, the money would remedy a decades long drainage issue in our city. We are grateful to Congressman Sorensen for submitting our request and look forward to it getting approved," said Michael Inman, Mayor, City of Macomb. 


Infrastructure Improvements along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers: The Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) is a historic bipartisan, interstate river infrastructure initiative that Sorensen has been a strong advocate for since entering Congress. Sorensen and a bipartisan group of colleagues are working to secure $187 million to support NESP and upgrade outdated locks along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. By upgrading locks, river navigation becomes more efficient, bringing Illinois’ goods to market faster, and boosting the regional economy. 

"Illinois corn and soybean farmers thank Rep. Sorensen for continuing his strong support for the inland waterways. Ours river system is an efficient and sustainable means to move our commodities that also improves congestion on our interstate road network. Continued access to the waterways provides a competitive advantage that helps our farmers meet markets across the globe," said Andrew Larson, Director of Government Relations, Illinois Soybean Association. 



Water Infrastructure Upgrades for Rockford: Sorensen is requesting $3 million for Rockford to upgrade critical water infrastructure that is currently at risk of failure. The project will replace more than two miles of outdated water main and lead service lines along the Auburn Street corridor from Central Avenue to Main Street, bringing clean water to nearby neighborhoods. 

“I am very thankful for the staunch advocacy of Congressman Sorensen, who has helped us secure federal funding for a number of key initiatives over the past two years,” said Tom McNamara, Mayor, City of Rockford. “The most recent funding would allow us to replace more than two miles of high-risk water infrastructure. This project is part of a much larger investment that will reconstruct and revitalize an important corridor on the west side of Rockford.” 


Water Infrastructure Upgrades for Freeport: Sorensen is working to secure $3.6 million for Freeport strengthen its water infrastructure to better connect neighborhoods to reliable water access. Funds from this project will replace water mains in the neighborhoods that need it most, where existing infrastructure is currently in poor condition. 

“The City of Freeport thanks Congressman Sorensen for requesting funds in CPF FY25 appropriations for our water main replacement project. This significant funding will allow the City to replace miles of aging water main infrastructure to complement our Street Replacement projects. The water main project funding will allow Freeport to strengthen its infrastructure foundation to support existing residential and commercial customers. Thank you, Congressman Sorensen, for your genuine concern for all of our constituents,” said Jodi Miller, Mayor, City of Freeport. 



STEM Education at Illinois State University: Sorensen is requesting $15 million in appropriations to construct a new state-of-the-art STEM building for Illinois State University (ISU) in Normal. This project will allow ISU to better prepare, grow, and retain the next generation of STEM workers in Central Illinois. 

“Illinois State University is grateful for Congressmen Sorensen’s support of the University and the STEM building project. A new STEM facility at Illinois State University will serve as a core resource for science education, which is essential for supporting enrollment geared to workforce development, including engineering, nursing, and data science. A new facility will replace aging facilities and improve accessibility in our laboratory classrooms and teaching greenhouse.  Such an investment in Illinois State University will provide essential facilities for STEM education, foster local and regional economic development, and develop well-trained students seeking a STEM-based career in the growing regional and state economy,” said Aondover Tarhule, President, Illinois State University. 


Flood Prevention Infrastructure for City of Bloomington: Sorensen is requesting $4,614,000 for the City of Bloomington to upgrade its stormwater infrastructure to prevent flooding in homes and businesses. The project will relocate existing stormwater pipes to make room for three new stormwater basins, which collect stormwater and slowly release it at a controlled rate to avoid overflow. The project will also separate a combined sewer. 

“Representative Sorensen's commitment to securing federal funding for our stormwater improvement project is invaluable. This initiative is crucial for enhancing our infrastructure and mitigating the impact of increasingly severe weather events on our community. His support will help us protect our residents and properties from the damaging effects of flooding,” said Mboka Mwilambwe, Mayor, City of Bloomington. 


Roadway Infrastructure Improvements in Peoria: To increase safety and reduce traffic at the intersection of West Northmoor Road and North University Street, Sorensen is requesting $1.6 million to make critical infrastructure upgrades. Funding for this project will add dedicated right turn lanes and dual left turn lanes, and signals would be moved out of the islands to remove the hazard from the clear zone on University Street. New sidewalks and a multiuse path will provide pedestrian and bicycle access to accommodate the neighborhoods and multiple schools along the Northmoor corridor. 

“Securing funding for the Northmoor and University Street intersection ensures that our infrastructure is resilient for the future and provides safety and efficiency for the 55,000 motorists who traverse this intersection daily,” said Rita Ali, Mayor, City of Peoria. 


Wastewater Upgrades for City of Elmwood: Sorensen is requesting $1 million for the City of Elmwood to protect its waterways from contamination by sewage, ensuring more reliable wastewater treatment and water access for families. The investment will be used to clean sludge out of the Elmwood’s wastewater lagoon’s ponds and upgrade the wastewater system’s existing rock filter. 

“We are honored and grateful to be able to work together with Rep. Sorensen on this Community Funding Project. These requested funds for the City of Elmwood wastewater lagoon upgrade are a great benefit and would have a huge financial impact for our community. The City of Elmwood will benefit not only immediately but generationally. The Community Project Funding request would allow us to prevent issuing bonds, raising water and sewer rates, or raising property taxes for our community. This partnership shows Rep. Sorensen and the City of Elmwood’s commitment to the community, financially and environmentally,” said John Hulslander, Mayor, City of Elmwood. 

“We are honored and grateful for the requested funding for the City of Elmwood, which would enable us to undertake crucial lagoon restoration work. This project underscores our shared commitment to preserving the ecological health and meeting or exceeding the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency's requirements.” said Nathan Brunnelson, Alderman, Chair of Water/Sewer Committee, City of Elmwood. “The allocated funds would facilitate essential upgrades and restorations aimed at improving water quality within and exiting the lagoon.” 


Water Infrastructure Improvement for Village of South Pekin: Sorensen is requesting $4,960,000 in funding to replace water mains throughout the community of South Pekin. Upgrading mains throughout the community will remove current levels of manganese and eliminate the associated health risks currently exposed to the community.  

“The Village of South Pekin is greatly appreciative of Representative Sorensen and the House Appropriations Committee for taking up our request for funding, which will go a long way to help South Pekin achieve the goal of installing filtering, replacing water mains, and replacing the lead pipes and/or fixtures from the curb to the resident's dwelling. The Village of South Pekin and its residents extend their thanks,” said Eric Stout, Mayor, Village of South Pekin. 


Water Infrastructure for the Village of Maquon: To ensure smaller communities in Central Illinois don’t get left behind, Sorensen is requesting $720,000 for the Village of Maquon to upgrade its wastewater treatment facility. This investment will allow the community to have a more resilient wastewater treatment system that is compliant with EPA standards, while lowering costs for families and seniors living in the village. 

"The Village of Maquon is thrilled to have our project selected by Congressman Sorensen! Our wastewater plant is need of major improvements and maintenance, and this funding would help us avoid imposing a significant rate increase on our residents. This is really a huge deal for us," said Mike Bartels, President, Village of Maquon. 

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