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Sorensen, Miller-Meeks Introduces Bill to Create Manufacturing Jobs

Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) along with Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-01) introduced the bipartisan Opportunities for Non-developed Sites to Have Opportunities to be Rehabilitated for Economic Development (ONSHORE) Act. This legislation will help strengthen our supply chains by giving communities the tools that they need to attract manufacturing jobs, companies, and facilities.  


“Manufacturing is the heartbeat of what keeps our economy strong and our communities thriving,” said Sorensen. “Unfortunately, the Illinois side of the Quad Cities has struggled to attract investment from manufacturing companies because we lack land and buildings that are ready for them to use. Congress needs to help our neighbors in Central and Northwestern Illinois to bring in more manufacturing jobs. The ONSHORE Act provides opportunities for our towns, cities, and villages to create sustainable jobs for generations to come.” 


“By establishing the Critical Supply Chain Site Development grant program, we're investing in the revitalization of communities, fostering economic growth, and fortifying our domestic supply chains,” said Miller-Meeks. “This program not only empowers regions to attract investment and create jobs in Iowa but also ensures our nation's strategic interests and economic security are safeguarded.” 


“We have turned down dozens of requests for information related to projects that could bring thousands of jobs and billions of dollars in investment to the Illinois-Iowa Quad Cities due to a lack of available shovel-ready land and move-in ready buildings” said Ryan Sempf, Executive Director of Government Affairs for the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce. “ONSHORE will help the Quad Cities and other communities compete for these projects while supporting American interests in the reshoring of critical supply chain industries.” 


The ONSHORE Act establishes the Critical Supply Chain Site Development Grant Program. This program, managed by the Department of Commerce, offers grants to help communities and other eligible groups get sites ready for manufacturing projects in industries that are considered strategically important. 


These grants can cover various expenses such as connecting the site to public utilities like water mains, completing environmental reviews required by the National Environmental Policy Act, investing in training programs for the local workforce, and other necessary preparations for manufacturing projects. The Secretary of Commerce decides which industries are strategically important and eligible for these grants. 


From 2021 to 2023, the Illinois side of the Quad Cities could not reply to companies looking to bring in jobs 75 times. Out of these, 60 inquiries were about manufacturing projects that could have created thousands of jobs. 

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