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Ready for the Beach

By Christy Riggs

Published April 7, 2022 in The Burg

Hello, my name is Christy and I’m a Thalassophile: “a person who loves and is magnetically attracted to the beach, ocean and sea”. Why? It’s the rolling waves, the warm sun, the salt smell, the sand under foot, it all represents the ultimate in relaxation. Let’s not forget living life in flip flops, my favorite footwear (24/7 if I could).

I know I am not alone in suffering from this particular ailment, thalassophile-itis. Just why is it some are so drawn to the beach? By some? I mean me. In this columnist’s opinion it’s because:

We live in the Midwest! While patiently waiting for Summer, we are usually subjected to all four seasons in a day! You know, Winter, “Fool’s” Spring, 2nd Winter, Spring Teaser, 3rd Winter…

The meditative, calm feeling that can only come from watching the fluidity of the waves and hearing them crash at the shore. If you’re anything like me? My beach chair is literally IN the water for a front row seat if you will.

Flip Flops! While they might not be the best podiatry choice in footwear, they are the quintessential symbol of summer fun, where feet and toes are unbounded and free.

INSTANT de-stressor. Between the aquatic hum, the mood lifting smell of the salty air, the all around positive vibe? All I can say is “yes please!”

Sunrises. Sunsets. Need I say more? Watching a sunrise or sunset has been proven to relieve stress and heighten your mood.

Salt water and the beach both have curative powers! From lowering blood pressure, to cleansing the skin, strengthening the immune system and reducing stress and anxiety. Salt water also improves breathing and promotes deep sleep. What more could anyone wish for in a destination?

If I haven’t convinced you to grab your suit, sunscreen and catch the next plane and jet off to the beach (aka the Best Escape Anyone Can Have, get it?), I’m not sure what else can be done. So to further entice you, I’ll attach some of my personal pics from Treasure Island, FL. Why Treasure Island? Because I enjoy my morning coffee with a side of my favorite beach.

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