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Quincy Defeats Silver Streaks

By John Ring

Published December 16, 2021 in The Burg

So was it the Quincy defense being so good or the Galesburg offense being so bad?

The Blue Devils (5-1) defeated the Silver Streaks 46-37 last Wednesday night in a game where Galesburg scored just one basket in the first quarter and none in the third quarter.

That’s one basket in 16 minutes of play. Galesburg kept in the game initially because of their good free throw shooting. They connected on their first eight attempts. But they were 1 for 9 from the field on shots attempted in the first quarter alone.

You could say its a combination of both factors. Quincy did play good defense out of their 1-3-1 zone but the Silver Streak offense struggled most of the night and there was the lack of an

inside game. Along with that, Kiara Kilgore, a Silver Streak sophomore, missed the contest and

she’s a pretty dynamic player with a good inside/outside game so that hampered the Galesburg

offense too.

Still, the Streaks committed 20 turnovers in the game, several of which were unforced. Quincy

was equally guilty of this as they turned the ball over 21 times.

Despite all the problems, Galesburg played a very good stretch of basketball in the second

quarter. Trailing 17-8, sophomore Addy McLaughlin nailed a three-point basket and Kadynce Lydic went on a seven-point scoring outburst and Galesburg tied the game 25-25 at halftime.

The Streaks looked poised to make a good third quarter run and the Blue Devils were glad to

see the intermission and regroup.

That made the third quarter all the more frustrating. Galesburg turned the ball over three times

in the first 57 seconds and the Blue Devils once again took control of the game taking a 31-26

lead going into the final period of play. An 11-0 run to open the fourth quarter wrapped it up

for Quincy.

Two Quincy post players—senior Laci Novosel (10 points) and sophomore Taylor Fohey (16

points) scored consistently for the Blue Devils and were a formidable inside presence.

Galesburg never had an answer for them and the Silver Streaks couldn’t generate any inside

offense to counter Quincy.

The Blue Devils are a young team that didn’t press defensively. They have just two seniors, one junior and the rest are sophomores and freshmen.

Lydic led the Silver Streaks in scoring with 11 points and Capre Ferguson added 8.

The loss drops Galesburg’s record to 6-3 on the season and 1-3 in the Western Big 6.

Sophomore Update: The Silver Streaks sophomores, coached by Mike Rux, defeated Quincy by the score of 38-25. Addy McLaughlin led the Streaks in scoring with 12 points.

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