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Nashville Band Performing in Galesburg

By Eleanor Sevigny

Published in The Burg June 13, 2024

  David Young and The Interstate Kings are coming to The Patio Bar and Grill (1585 Monmouth Boulevard) on June 21 from 6-9 p.m.  

  They are a band of three brothers.

  “We grew up in a small town in rural Maine. There’s no major city near our hometown, and the weather can really drag you. Rock n’ roll brought a lot of color to those long dark winters. We all gravitated toward making music for fun, and I guess we just never stopped.” explained David.

  David plays the guitar and does the vocals for the band. Seth Martin and Deven Young are the other members of the band.

  “I, Deven, the drummer, the machine, am the youngest in the band. I am 23 years young. David and Seth are a couple years older and we all work great together…most of the time. Seth works with the tech side of things and he is very knowledgeable in electronics and equipment, so he heads that aspect of our work. David is the social media guru. I play more into the grinding and business side of the band, but we all help with everything. A perfect engine. And, naturally, there is lots of fun and ribbing in the band.” stated Deven.  

  Seth also plays bass. 

  They have two other siblings “in Maine, one sister Ember and one brother Alex.

  The music the band plays is influenced by “many different genres and bands, so we like to think it has culminated to something unique. We play high energy bluesy americana/roots rock. Think Johnny Cash, Zach Byran, and Tom Petty got in a bar fight with ZZ Top, that’s our sound.”

  Every song the band writes is a little bit different.

  “Sometimes I’ll get a verse/chorus worked out on acoustic guitar some night at 2 a.m., and bring it to the guys later that week in rehearsal. Other times, we’ll just plug in and start jamming and the song sort of writes itself. We start every band rehearsal with 10 or 15 minutes of jamming on random things and warming up, and many of our songs get their start organically like that. Our recent single “Call” (available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) was written that way.” explained David. 

  The inspiration behind their songs is “our friendship. We love spending time together and creating art. It’s something we’ve been doing since we were kids. It’s what we want to do with our time.”

  While their music is for all ages, their performance at The Patio “is a bar scene so 21+ is required for this show.” 

  The band chose to come to Galesburg on their tour because “we were looking into various towns and cities in the Galesburg areas with seemingly neat local scenes that support musicians like ourselves. We stumbled upon The Patio and reached out to see if they would like to team up for a great night of music.”

  They will be playing “a large repertoire of originals and covers. We have been known to take suggestions too if someone has a special song they want to hear. Part of the fun of being on stage is to interact with the fans and give them the best show possible, so please speak up and bring your A game!”

  There is a “$5 cover charge for the night.”

  Seth encourages you to come check out the band for their “unique sound that stems from the influences we’ve had over the years and all of our time playing as a three piece. The limitation of having only three members creates space for all of us as members to experiment. We’ve learned how to create a full sound without the extra help. This paired with our signature blues and country shuffles makes a great night of dancing along with a new and unique experience.” explained Seth. 

  The band would like the Galesburg community to know “we’re very excited to come be a part of the Galesburg community for a night or two and give them a rockin’ good time. We hope you find your way to The Patio on June 21st for lots of drinks and dancing!” 

  For more information about David Young and The Interstate Kings go to

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