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Lydic Shooting, Shooting, and Shooting some more

By John Ring

Published in The Burg July 15, 2021

GALESBURG - Silver Streak Kadynce Lydic has always been one of those players that you watch and speculate just how good she can get. There are glimpses you see, like a great play or a move on the court. Or an athletic play like a steal and a great pass.

Lydic, now a 5-7 senior, has good speed, athleticism, hustles, plays hard defense and seems on the verge of breaking out at just about any time. She hopes to do that her senior season, which is just around the corner. This will be her final season as Silver Streak and she hopes to

generate more offense and contribute to a team that is fighting to put together a stellar season.

“This summer I’m working on my offense and my shot,” said Lydic before a summer basketball game at the GHS Fieldhouse. “I work with the gun a lot. I take 50 shots form one spot, then 50 from another and so on and so on.”

That would be a big boost for Coach Evan Massey and the Silver Streaks. Having Lydic and Kiarra Kilgore in the starting five gives Galesburg speed and athleticism along with Abbe Davidson's size and post moves and the experience of Abbe Lingafelter.

“You saw what we could tonight,” said Lydic after Galesburg routed Normal in a summer basketball game as she nodded towards the basketball court. “The tournament we played before this led to this game and we were clicking and pressing and running, When we all come together and play like this, good things happen. This is the result.”

Lydic laughed when asked if she missed John Thiel Gym. “We want to go back home for sure,” said Kadynce, “but at least the Fieldhouse is air conditioned.”

True enough. That’s a benefit this time of year.

Lydic is a three-year veteran for the Silver Streaks and knows the enormity of playing in the Western Big 6 night in and night out. “It’s pretty tough in our Conference. You go up against teams like Rock Island, Geneseo and Sterling night after night it can be hard but we’re up for the task. We just need to work together to get better for next season.”

In the meantime, Lydic is making up for lost time by shooting and shooting some more. The additional offense would be a big boost for the Silver Streaks, considering their graduation losses that include a veteran point guard (Riley Jenkins) a great all-around player (Lauren Livingston) and top rebounder (Audree Peck.)

But a boost in Galesburg’s offense by Kadynce would be a welcome sight and a shot in the arm for the Silver Streaks.

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