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Local Group Preparing to Provide Aid to Afghan Refugees

KEWANEE, Illinois—Through Samaritan’s Purse Afghan Resettlement Program, a local group called Kewanee Welcomes plans to help resettle three Afghan families, who were displaced when Afghanistan was overtaken by the Taliban regime this past fall, to the area in the coming months.

An estimated 667,900 Afghans have been newly displaced inside the country since January 2021 – primarily due to insecurity and violence. The impact of the conflict on women and girls has been particularly devastating — 80 percent of newly displaced Afghans are women and children. The needs of those who have had to flee suddenly are acute, increasing demand for shelter, food, water, non-food items, health services, livelihood opportunities and cash assistance.

Kewanee Welcomes plans to provide these families with housing, basic necessities, access to transportation, income support, legal assistance for immigration purposes, cultural and community orientation education, English language support, help with enrolling children in school, and job search support. In addition to 90 days of financial support provided through government programs, the group hopes to be able to raise enough funding to provide an additional 6 to 12 months of financial support, with the goal of each family being self-sustainable during this time.

Project organizer, Bobi Throneburg, says, "When we come together to serve and protect these families, I believe we will learn some valuable lessons ourselves. We pray that they find Kewanee to be a safe and welcoming community to begin a new chapter in their life."

Individuals interested in volunteering or donating to the cause are asked to contact Bobi Throneburg at (660) 853-8084 or More information and updates can be found on the Kewanee Welcomes Facebook.

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