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The Illinois State Bar Association released the results of the Judicial Advisory poll it conducted of the candidates running for Knox County Resident Judge in the June 28 primary.

The purpose of the Judicial Advisory poll is to aid voters in their responsibility to elect judges by providing public information about the qualifications of the judicial candidates. Candidates are evaluated in eight different categories on a scale of 0-100. Those categories are Meets Requirements of Office, Integrity, Impartiality, Legal Ability, Temperament, Court Management, Health, and Sensitivity.

In order to be rated “Recommended” a candidate must receive a score of 65.00% or above in the category of Meets Requirements of Office. Candidates receiving a score below 65.00% are rated “Not Recommended.”

Three* candidates are running for Knox County Resident Judge. Two were rated “Recommended” and one was rated “Not Recommended. David Hansen received the highest rating with a score of 88.52 and was “Recommended.” Ken Hogan received a score of 73.00 and was also “Recommended.” Jim Harrell received a score of 18.52 and was “Not Recommended.”

Hansen received the highest score in each of the seven other categories as well, with a score of 91.94 in Integrity, 91.67 in Impartiality, 85.71 in Legal Ability, 90.32 in Temperament, 90.48 in Court Management, 98.41 in Health, and 95.16 in Sensitivity.

Ken Hogan received a score of 91.30 in Integrity, 91.49 in Impartiality, 73.91 in Legal Ability, 81.82 in Temperament, 79.55 in Court Management, 92.86 in Health, and 84.44 in Sensitivity.

Jim Harrell scored 61.11 in Integrity, 67.92 in Impartiality, 18.52 in Legal Ability, 60.00 in Temperament, 14.29 in Court Management, 57.78 in Health, and 68.00 in Sensitivity.

The results are available to the public on the Illinois State Bar Association website

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