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Knox County 4-H Fair Ends Successfully

Galesburg, Ill., July 21, 2021: The Knox County Fairgrounds was bustling with activity as

Knox County 4-H’ers from across the county were able to demonstrate their knowledge through


“The 4-H fair is my favorite thing about summer,” said Shelby Carlson, 4-H youth development

educator. “Watching youth as they show their projects and seeing their passion just makes you

smile. Individual projects this week ranged from baking to the arts and photography to livestock.”

Participants who explored individual areas of interest throughout the year shared what they had

learned through their projects. Youth that showed livestock had spent countless hours with their

animals learning to not only care for them, but also working with them so they could show off the

livestock’s best traits in the show ring.

The results of each of the shows from this week are as follows:

Beef Show

Champion Angus Heifer – Hayden Beard Reserve Champion – Dane Hennenfent

Champion Charolais Heifer – Anna Link

Champion Chianina Heifer – Fletcher Onion

Champion Maine Anjou Heifer – Fletcher Onion Reserve Champion – William Shreeves

Champion Polled Hereford Heifer – Lola Link Reserve Champion – Lucy Kuelper

Champion Shorthorn Heifer – Caleb Mason

Champion Simmental Heifer – Anna Webel

Champion Simmental Low % Heifer – Josie Webel Reserve Champion – Sadler Spring

Champion All Other Breeds Heifer – Esther Gibb

Champion Crossbred Heifer – Cal Shreeves Reserve Champion – Ciara Shreeves

Grand Champion Heifer – Anna Webel Reserve Grand Champion – Anna Link

Champion Angus Steer – Addysen Link Reserve Champion – Hayden Beard

Champion Hereford Steer – Sadler Spring

Champion Shorthorn Steer – Esther Gibb Reserve Champion – Caleb Mason

Champion British Breed Steer – Addysen Link Reserve Champion – Hayden Beard

Champion Chianina Steer – Cal Shreeves

Champion Simmental Steer – Ainsley Link Reserve Champion – Josie Webel

Champion All Other Breeds Steer – Ainsley Link Reserve Champion – Cal Shreeves

Champion Crossbred Steer – Will Shreeves Reserve Champion – Ciara Shreeves

Grand Champion Overall Steer – Will Shreeves Reserve Grand Champion – Ciara Shreeves

Grand Champion Rate of Gain – Ainsley Link Reserve Champion – Addysen Link

Champion Bucket Calf – Kelsey Stone Reserve Champion – Danica Lambert

Overall Record Book Bucket Calf – Addie Cain

Junior Beef Showmanship – Jack Webel

Intermediate Beef Showmanship – Anna Link

Advanced Beef Showmanship – Dane Hennenfent

Dog Show

Beginner Novice I Champion – Trace Gallagher

Beginner Novice II Champion – Jaden Doubet

Preferred Novice Champion – Blake Meeker

Novice Champion – Grant Alexander

Dog Care Champion – Grant Alexander

Rally Champion – Blake Meeker

Grand Champion Overall – Blake Meeker

Junior Dog Showmanship – Grant Alexander

Senior Dog Showmanship – Blake Meeker

General Show

Aerospace – Gage Jurgensen

Animal Science – Julian Henry

Cat – Reese Inniss

Civic Engagement – Addalyn Cain

Clothing & Textiles – Abigail Cain

Communications – Adrienne Rogers

Consumer Education – Alexandria Cain

Crops – Lily McCormick

Electricity – Garrett Lake

Entomology – Jack Pickrel

eSports – Conner Downin

Exploratory – Chris Burgin-Lytle

Family Heritage – Logan Yeutson

Floriculture – Sidney Stiers

Foods & Nutrition – Alexandria Cain

Forestry – Hunter Poyzer

Geology – Gage Jurgensen

Intercultural – Abigail Cain

Interior Design – Emily West

Leadership – Hannah Maher

Natural Resources – Clay Gohlinghorst

Photography – Emma Sieboldt

Shooting Sports – Joseph Landon

Small Engines – Lily McCormick

Small Pets – Kayla Whiting

Theater Arts – Harrison Gibb

Vegetable Gardening – Adalynn Snyder

Veterinary Science – Rylan Holman

Visual Arts – Rylan Holman

Visual Arts – Ella Soper

Weather – Seth Hawkinson

Welding - Blake Meeker

Woodworking – Garrett Lake

Bob Wright Memorial Award – Seth Hawkinson

Candy Making Contest – Hunter Poyzer

Corn Award – Hannah Maher

Marilyn Schmidt Memorial Award – Katie Shepherd

Pie Crust Made with Lard – Julian Henry

Soybean Award – Matthew Maher

Recycled Art Contest 1 st Place – Phoebe Ulm

Recycled Art Contest 2 nd Place – Dax Ulm

Recycled Art Contest 3 rd Place – Abigail Cain

Goat Show

Champion Dairy Goat – Zoey Yeutson        Reserve Champion – Aiden Yeutson

Grand Champion Meat Wether – Meadow Pruett   

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Wether – Madilyn Pruett

Grand Champion Meat Doe – Madilyn Pruett

Reserve Grand Champion Meat Doe – Meadow Pruett

Junior Goat Showmanship – Danica Lambert

Intermediate Goat Showmanship – Madilyn Pruett

Advanced Goat Showmanship – Nathan Welch

Horse Show

Robert Curry Memorial Versatility Award - Hannah Maher

Grand Champion Showmanship - Hannah Maher Reserve Champion - Thalia Jimenez

Grand Champion Horse at Halter - Hannah Maher Reserve Champion - Julian Henry

Grand Champion Horsemanship - Hannah Maher Reserve Champion - Grant Alexander

Grand Champion English - Hannah Maher Reserve Champion - Thalia Jimenez

Grand Champion Pleasure - Hannah Maher Reserve Champion - Grant Alexander

Grand Champion Speed Events - Meadow Pruett Reserve Champion - Grant Alexander

Champion Single Driving Class - Thalia Jimenez

Champion Costume Class - Addisyn Honeyman Reserve Champion - Avery Stegall

Poultry Show

Champion Broiler – Abigail Cain

Champion Roaster – Drake Nimrick

Champion Meat Pen – Drake Nimrick Reserve Champion – Dylan Nimrick

Champion American – Max Main Reserve Champion – Max Main

Champion Asiatic – Ethan Main Reserve Champion - Jessica Doubet

Champion English – Max Main Reserve Champion - Max Main

Champion Mediterranean – Sidney Stiers Reserve Champion – Trent Stiers

Champion Other Standard Breed – Sidney Stiers Reserve Champion – Sidney Stiers

Champion Production Hybrid – Trent Stiers Reserve Champion – Ethan Main

Champion Overall Large Fowl – Sidney Stiers Reserve Champoin – Ethan Main

Duck Class Winner – Jessica Doubet

Geese Class Winner – Jaden Doubet

Turkey Class Winner – Abigail Cain

Grand Champion Overall – Sidney Stiers Reserve Grand Champion – Jessica Doubet

Junior Poultry Showmanship – Jessica Doubet

Senior Poultry Showmanship – Ethan Main

Rabbit Show

Champion Dutch – Hunter Poyzer                  Reserve Champion – Patrick McKeown

Champion Holland Lop – Patrick McKeown      Reserve Champion – Reese Burford

Champion Mini Lop – Hunter Poyzer  Reserve Champion – Patrick McKeown

Champion Mini Rex – Adalynn Snyder                Reserve Champion – Avery Stegall

Champion Netherland Drawf – Abigail Cooper

Champion New Zealand – Haley Brooks

Champion Rex – Avery Stegall

Champion All Other Breeds – Trace Gallagher

Champion Crossbred – Hunter Poyzer Reserve Champion – Jessica Doubet

Champion Meat Pen – Paige Nimrick         

Grand Champion – Hunter Poyzer

Reserve Grand Champion – Trace Gallagher

Junior Rabbit Showmanship – Avery Stegall

Senior Rabbit Showmanship – Haley Brooks

Sheep Show

Grand Champion Ewe Overall – Kit Hopkins    Reserve Grand Champion – Paige Nimrick

Grand Champion Market Lamb – Annika Spring Reserve Grand Champion - Drake Nimrick    

Grand Champion Market Pen of Lambs – Drake Nimrick

Junior Sheep Showmanship – Sadler Spring   

Intermediate Sheep Showmanship – Drake Nimrick

Advanced Sheep Showmanship – Annika Spring

Swine Show

Champion Berkshire Gilt – Anna Link Reserve Champion – Dane Libby

Champion Duroc Gilt – Andy Bates Reserve Champion – Bryce Tucker

Champion Poland China Gilt – Annika Spring

Champion Spotted Gilt – Anna Link Reserve Champion – Isabella Kuelper

Champion Yorkshire Gilt – Kolt Malone Reserve Champion – Mason Stone

Champion Purebred Gilt – Anna Link Reserve Champion – Andy Bates

Champion Crossbred Gilt – Dane Libby Reserve Champion – Alexis Main

Grand Champion Overall Gilt – Dane Libby Reserve Grand Champion – Alexis Main

Champion Berkshire Barrow – Anna Link Reserve Champion – Megan Peterson

Champion Duroc Barrow – Andy Bates Reserve Champion – Annika Spring

Champion Hampshire Barrow – Annika Spring Reserve Champion – Chase Davis

Champion Spot Barrow – Kolt Malone Reserve Champion – Payton Hart

Champion Yorkshire Barrow – Annika Spring Reserve Champion – Kolt Malone

Champion All Other Breeds Barrow – Megan Peterson

Champion Purebred Barrow – Andy Bates Reserve Champion – Anna Link

Champion Crossbred Barrow – Anna Link Reserve Champion – Ashlyn Murdock

Grand Champion Overall Barrow – Anna Link Reserve Grand Champion – Andy Bates

Junior Swine Showmanship – Shelby Taylor

Intermediate Swine Showmanship – Anna Link

Advanced Swine Showmanship – Megan Peterson

Master Showmanship

Sheep Master Showman – Hayden Beard

Cattle Master Showman – Hayden Beard

Swine Master Showman – Dane Libby

Knox County Master Showman – Hayden Beard

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