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Junk for Jingles

By Eleanor Sevigny

Published in The Knoxville Bulletin July 28, 2021

In September of 2020 Baylie Mayfield of Knoxville was collecting scrap metal with her dad, Eric Mayfield, and thought the money they earned should go to something more. The Mayfield family usually adopted a couple of kids from the Salvation Army Angel Tree every year. Inspired by her family Baylie decided to found Junk for Jingles.

“I collect scrap metal, take it to the junkyard, and put the money I earn into a savings account. The money from the savings account goes to presents for kids from the Angel Tree. In 2020 I started with a goal of 15 Angel Tree kids. By the time I was done I had collected enough money for 38 kids.” explained Baylie.

This year Baylie decided not to wait until October to start collecting scrap for Junk for Jingles. Instead Baylie has been collecting scrap year round.

“She’s busy at least one to two days a week collecting scrap. Last week she went to seven houses and on July 21 she went to Jays Auto Salvage.” Briget, Baylie’s mom, explained.

Baylie has already exceeded the number of kids she was able to buy presents for last year. Her current goal is to buy presents for 80 kids from the Angel Tree.

“I’m a little over halfway to my goal already.” stated Baylie.

Baylie considers her mom and dad to be her biggest supporters.

“We are very proud of her. She does have other big supporters as well. Jason the owner of Jays Auto Salvage has offered to pick up any vehicles donated to Junk for Jingles at no charge and he will give the scrap money to Baylie. Jason also rounds up the amount Baylie earns on scrap. Another big supporter of Junk for Jingles is Dick Lindstrom. Mr. Lindstrom just gave her a huge donation.” Briget added.

“Baylie and her father came in several weeks ago and asked about whether we had metal to donate to Junk for Jingles. I told her I had a few things, but that I also had a dumpster full of appliances (refrigerators, washers, dryers, etc…) that we were going to recycle. I had my employee haul off the dumpster and then instead of keeping that money, I had her come back. When Baylie returned I gave her a check. She’s a cute young lady with a great project.” stated Lindstrom.

Baylie doesn’t have a limit on how far she’ll go to get scrap.

“I’ve picked up scrap in Abingdon, Galesburg, Knoxville, Wataga, Altona, and Monmouth.” Baylie explained.

Junk for Jingles will take any kind of metal from water heaters to wheels.

“I have no plan on stopping.” stated Baylie when asked about what her plans are for the future of Junk for Jingles.

“It’s blessed our family by giving us more time to spend together. Eric helps her collect scrap. When Eric is unable to go, Baylie goes with her Grandpa (Mark). I also get to spend more time with Baylie when we purchase the presents for the Angel Tree.” explained Briget.

Baylie would like the community to know, “Good things happen when you do good things. My Grandma (Chris) taught me that. I am doing a good thing by helping out other kids, so for Christmas Santa brought me a puppy. I always wanted a puppy. I didn’t ask for a puppy. Santa knew that I was doing good things, so he brought me what I wanted most even though I didn’t ask for it.”

If you would like to support a kid helping other kids and donate to Junk for Jingles, check out Baylie’s Facebook page, You can make requests for pickups on her Facebook page through messenger or by calling/texting Eric’s cell phone number 351-9520.

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