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Harvest Time at Hidden Hills

By Eleanor Sevigny

Published September 23, 2021 in The Knoxville Bulletin

As the summer season comes to the end and the harvest season begins, Hidden Hills Winery and Vineyard in Knoxville is busy.

“We are still actively harvesting now and will be continuing through the middle of October. So far, everything has been great. The crop production has been average in comparison to past years.” explained Jennie Grove, the manager for Hidden Hills.

If you’re looking for something to do, you can help Hidden Hills harvest the grapes!

“We had a couple people come out September 4 and help us harvest grapes. We got everything we needed done, but we could always use more help when it comes to picking grapes.” explained Grove.

If you are interested in helping Hidden Hills harvest grapes, contact them through their Facebook page or call 289-2948 for more details. Anyone who helps for an hour or more will be given a store credit.

In addition to the harvest season, Hidden Hills has plenty of events going on!

“We do have several special events coming up, aside from our weekly yoga nights and live music. We will be hosting our annual Sip N’ Stomp during the Scenic Drive, on October 2nd . This is a grape stomp, with music and vendors. We are also open with vendors during the two Scenic Drive weekends. In addition, we have trivia nights and paint nights once a month. You can check out our upcoming events on our Facebook page and website.” explained Grove.

Scenic Drive will not be their last event of the season. Hidden Hills plans on hosting events throughout the entire year.

“We will have fall and winter events, such as craft classes and live music. Once the weather gets colder, our events are smaller and moved indoors.” stated Grove.

If you make it to one of their events, Grove has a few wine recommendations, “we have many wines that are very popular to our clientele, depending on their preference to sweet or dry. Our seasonal wines are always great fan favorites because they boast in fruity flavor and are limited edition. Our current seasonal wine is a fruit wine made from sweet summer peaches. This wine was released on Friday, September 17th. The flavor is exactly like taking a bite out of a fresh peach. It is a smooth and sweet treat perfect for the end of summer and early fall. Of our staple wines, the Semi-Sweet White and Light Dry Red wines are also popular. The Semi- Sweet Wine is a perfect combination of vanilla and pear flavors with a hint of citrus. This pairs well with chicken and fish entrees. The Light Dry Red is a smooth dry, similar to a Pinot. It has hints of red fruits and oak, which pairs great with red meats and pasta dishes.”

Overall Hidden Hills would like the community to know, “the last year and a half has not been easy, but we are grateful for the community and county that treats us so well. We would not have been able to continue on our path and new projects if it wasn’t for the community support of local businesses. We cannot express enough how much we appreciate and care for our customers, everyone has been so amazing. The support has allowed us to grow, and as long as we have the community’s support, we will keep growing.”

You can continue to support Hidden Hills Winery and Vineyard by visiting them Wednesday through Thursday 12 to 7 p.m., Friday through Saturday 12 to 9 p.m., and Sunday 12 to 5 p.m.

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