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Fall 2022 Total Enrollment Up at WIU: New Freshman, International Enrollment Increases

When Western Illinois University's 12th President Guiyou Huang took the helm of the institution in January 2021, he set forth numerous priorities for WIU, one of which is to grow enrollment for the nearly 123-year-old university. The University community took that charge to heart, and this fall, WIU's total headcount enrollment is up 2.5 percent, including a 16.7 percent increase in new freshman and a record-breaking 1,000+ international students enrolled at Western, as well as a new international cohort on the WIU-QC campus.

Total headcount enrollment is 7,643, which is an increase of 2.5 percent over Fall 2021, according to 10th-day data released by WIU's Institutional Research and Planning

In addition, Western's Fall 2022 incoming freshmen class has increased by 154 (16.7%) with 1,074 new freshmen joining Western this fall, including numerous students from Macomb-area high schools, as well as students from 25 other states. This is the largest new freshman class that WIU has enrolled in the last five years, according to IRP data.

WIU also continues to experience significant gains in international student enrollment, along with the largest total graduate student enrollment since 2008. The total number of international students enrolling this fall is 1,108, which includes new (420) and returning (688) students. IRP data shows this fall's international enrollment is a historical record for WIU. Total graduate student headcount enrollment is 2,334.

"As I've talked about at many meetings, forums and events, enrollment and retention is everyone's responsibility. Being there for our prospective students and their families, as well as ensuring the success of our current students, matters and makes a difference. Thanks to the efforts of many individuals and teams, we are continuing to experience gains in our enrollment and are getting closer to reaching our enrollment and retention goals," President Guiyou Huang said.

"We're gaining momentum, and our work continues to actively recruit and enroll new Leathernecks for Spring 2023 and Fall 2023. Our Macomb and Quad Cities campuses, as well as our online programs, provide outstanding educational opportunities for students from all corners of the globe. And once students enroll at WIU, they have the support and tools they need to succeed," Huang added.

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