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Department Convention of the American Legion Auxiliary Report

President Pamela Corbin of Ralph M. Noble Unit #285, Galesburg, attended the Department Convention of the American Legion Auxiliary, July 14-17th, at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel in Springfield.

Pamela arranged Leadership Classes, serving as Department Chairman. The program was different this year with classes taught in different rooms by 6 chairmen that were very well versed in the Auxiliary Service programs benefiting our Community, State, and Nation. Meeting formats, protocol, parliamentary procedure, and mentoring Junior and Senior members. Attendees enjoyed the informative and informal presentation. The Department Board meeting was held Wednesday evening.

Pam Ray, General Convention Chairman, conducted opening ceremony July 15th at 8:30 a.m., with advancement of Department President Sue Cunniff-Coughlin, and Department Officers, followed by the presentation of Department, Division and District Colors. President Pamela, of Galesburg and President Connie Gregory, of Abingdon President, advanced the colors for 15th District President Sue DeDecker of Orion.

Meeting commenced with the presentation of Auxiliary Department & National dignitaries and greetings from James Langfelder, Mayor of Springfield.

Commander Roy Weber brought greetings from The American Legion, Department of Illinois, and introduced Department S.A.L. Commander Phil Stander. Past National Commander and Department Adjutant Marty Conatser was presented.

Auxiliary reports and awards were given by Department Officers and Chairmen Thursday afternoon. Gold Star and Past President Parley Dinner was held Thursday evening.

Veterans volunteer breakfast was held Friday morning and meetings reconvened Friday at 8:30 a.m. for reports and awards by Department Chairmen.

Department Past President Chairman, Deb Lewis reported that Amanda Wilson, sponsored by the Galesburg Unit #285, won a $1,000.00 scholarship.

Mary Collado, Department Membership Chairman gave her report followed by a skit presented by each District. 15th District President Sue DeDecker, Angie Golightly, Connie Gregory, and Pam Corbin did a skit honoring Past Department President Irene Lofton. Her daughter Sharon joined in and held a picture of her deceased mother.

Pam Corbin, Department Leadership, reported 49 members attended the Leadership classes on Wednesday, and she presented personal awards to Pat Kowalski.

Department Music chairman, Lois Kurowski announced a personal award for the best Music parody to Alice Johnson, of Galesburg, Unit #285.

Department V.A.&R. Program was held Friday morning with awards given to members for volunteer hours in Service to Veterans, by chairman Cinda Held. Galesburg members recognized were: Janet Clark -100 hours, Cindy Unthank, June O’Brien, Nita Cross had 200 hours, Sandy DeWitt and Pam Corbin had 300 hours. Frances Hawthorne was recognized with a $15.00 check for a personal award from Cindy for having over 500 hours.

A check for $17,000.00 was presented by President Sue Cunniff-Coughlin to the Quincy Veterans Home which included her part of her Special Project.

Joint Memorial Services were held on Saturday morning for The American Legion, the American Legion Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion. Eulogies were given for deceased Past Department Commanders and Past Department Presidents.

Installation of 2021-2022 Department Auxiliary Officers was conducted on Saturday afternoon which a reception was held in their honor. Incoming Department President is Patti Williamson of Rantoul, Illinois.

Convention was officially adjourned.

President Pam Corbin attended the post Convention Board meeting at which she received information as incoming Department National Security Chairman for 2021-2022.

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