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Carl Sandburg College Hosts ICCTA West Central Region Meeting

GALESBURG — Carl Sandburg College hosted trustees from three neighboring community colleges Friday during the Illinois Community College Trustees Association’s West Central Region meeting.

In addition to Sandburg, representatives from Black Hawk College, Spoon River College and John Wood Community College attended the annual meeting for which the member institutions rotate as host.

“We have such dedicated trustees in our area to want to come together, really tackle some difficult problems and talk about them very openly,” Sandburg Board Chair Sandra Wood said. “That's what can lead to creative solutions to help each of our schools. The value of community colleges is right up there at the top, and, in all our opinions, we can do a lot more than just educate people. We can also help our communities in other impactful ways.”

Participants discussed important topics facing community colleges and their students today, such as the emerging nationwide trend of two-year institutions awarding bachelor’s degrees, dual credit courses and how to assist students in managing their mental health throughout the course of their education.

Cindy Arthur, coordinator of instructional services at Sandburg, gave a demonstration on the College’s use of its telepresence robots and virtual reality technology available to students and instructors. Autumn Scott, dean of student success, presented on Sandburg’s newly implemented behavioral and medical telehealth services that are available for free to students through TimelyMD.

“Sandburg is way up on the cutting edge of technology, and we really got a chance to showcase that today,” Wood said.

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