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Business Spotlight... Tony Perez Joins Yemm Team

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

By Jeff Holt

Published June 3, 2021 in The Burg

The name of Tony Perez probably rings a bell to many of you.

He's a new car salesman for Yemm Chevrolet. His older brother, Jesse, is a highly-successful car salesman at Yemm and he's been able to help the transition.

Just a few suggestions from his older brother - things like looking sharp, be yourself, be reliable, be accountable and always go the extra mile.

"My first month in April was a bit intimidating but after some closed deals I settled in," said Tony. "May has been a great month for me at Yemm."

A 1986 graduate of Galesburg High School, Tony is as local as one could get. He still remembers school activities like the homecoming parade, the bonfires, the football games and the dances afterwards.

"PE with Mr. (Gene) Fisher was classic," he said.

Tony's lived in Galesburg his entire life and has enjoyed it every minute, including all of the holidays together with his family.

"Being a father to my two daughters - Jaeden an Hannah - I can say I’ve always been here for my kids," he added.

Tony's parents have also played a major part in his life, too, and where he's at today.

"My Father Jesse worked two jobs most of the time my brothers and I were living at home," he said. "His disciple with us paid off for sure! Both my mom and dad ... I could never fill their shoes."

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