Abron Earns Lifetime Award

Updated: Jun 21

By Jeff Holt Published February 18, 2021 in The Burg GALESBURG - Last week, a small ceremony featured a big contribution that Steve Abron has made to the Galesburg community.

Abron was awarded the Burlington Northern Railroad's Lifetime Achievement Award. Anthony Law from Carl Sandburg College put the event together and started the ceremony off by talking about how Abron has affected so many lives in a great way in the Galesburg community. Then, a humble Abron followed. "I always told them to be on time," Abron said, a couple of times, to a small audience. He later joked and said, "I could go on til July with some stories." Abron graduated from Galesburg High School in 1968. He talked about some of the first haircuts he gave to ones like Donald Brannon, Bobby Joe Mason and the late Pete Thierry. But through the years, Abron actively helped recruit minorities for Burlington Northern Railroad and diversified the work force. He proudly mentioned names like former Silver Streak football standout Jonathan Mixon of ones that he helped get them their start on the railroad. Abron also taught at the Hill Correctional Facility and his original barbershop closed in 2016. Abron is now retired. However, he has still left his mark in the Galesburg area.

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