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4-H youth honored for career achievements at awards ceremony

MONMOUTH, Ill.: 4-H youth across the state were honored for their career achievements in the 4-H program at the 4-H Celebration of Excellence held April 9.

The State 4-H Experience Award offers recognition for members who took part in activities and

events in the categories of Participation, Community Service, Leadership, and Project Mastery.

In order to qualify for the top levels of the award, 4-H members must have expanded their

experience beyond just the county level.

Diamond Level awards recognize youth who completed six or more experiences in one of the

three dimensions, with at least four experiences beyond the county level.  The Diamond Level

awards are sponsored by David and Sue Randall and Dr. Janice Seitz.

Diamond Level Award Winners in Leadership include Sarah Rossi, Grundy County; Abigail

Munar, Kendall County; Darcy Cummings, Macoupin County; and Jillian Jones, Pope County.

Diamond Level Award Winners in Project Learning include Madison Porter, Grundy County; and

Jalynn Phillips, White County.

The Emerald Level award recognizes youth who completed eight or more experiences in one of

the three dimensions, with at least four of those experiences beyond the county level and at least

two at the state, national, or international level.  The Emerald Level awards are sponsored by

Patricia Clickener, Dr. Lloyd Shaw, Jim and Cheryl Wormley and Pete Haselhorst.

Emerald Level Award Winners in Leadership include Lance Woolam, Adams County; Willard

Rozanas, Boone County; Caleb Zwilling, Champaign County; Dylan Zwilling, Champaign County;

Hunter Shike, Champaign County; Noelle Taylor, Champaign County; Rebekah Taylor,

Champaign County; Olivia Shike, Champaign County; Sophia Holmes, Cook County; Krish

Nangia, DuPage County; Lydia Oker, Kendall County; Julian Heidrich, Kendall County; Sofie

Heidrich, Kendall County; Libby Larkin, Livingston County; Caroline Ahrends, Logan County;

Morgan Crouch, Macon County; Anthony Joiner,Macoupin County; Braylee Gilmore, Macoupin

County; Luke Wolff, Macoupin County; Saralynn Joiner, Macoupin County; Trace Cummings,

Macoupin County; Wyld Gilmore, Macoupin County; Connor Ray, McHenry County; Marcus Ray, McHenry County; Erin Kistner, Montgomery County; Kohen Stolte, Montgomery County; Jordyn

Swinford, Pope County; Rachel Lands, Saline County; Trystan Borders, Union County; and

Quinn James, Whiteside County.

Emerald Level Award Winners in Project Learning include Carlson Rozanas, Boone County;

Elijah Taylor, Champaign County; Julia Taylor, Champaign County; Lydia Heren, Champaign

County; Alex Barnard, Champaign County; Benjamin Diaz, Champaign County; Jenna

Clemmons, Champaign County; Palin Goebel, Grundy County; Ava Winternheimer, Hamilton

County; Courtney Lynn, Hamilton County; Emilee Cox, Hamilton County; Sarah Darnell, Hamilton

County; Shiloh Willis, Hamilton County; Emily Reppy, Kendall County; Sydney Reppy, Kendall

County; Christopher Corrigan, Livingston County; Taylor Crouch, Macon County; Katelyn Barber,

Macoupin County; Makenna Harding, Macoupin County; Payton Harding, Macoupin County;

Braden May, Massac County; Anna Curley, McDonough County; Carina Engst, McLean

County; Reagan Parks, McLean County; Elaan Bader, Montgomery County; Emma Hughes,

Montgomery County; Nathan Brown, Montgomery County; Amanda Niemann, Montgomery

County; Katelyn Marley, Montgomery County; Lauren Carlson, Ogle County; Remington Curry,

Pope-Hardin County; Abagayle Britton, Pulaski County; Kevin Britton, Pulaski County; Bailey

Callahan, Rock Island County; Nicholas Gorbach, Rock Island; Delaney Nation, Shelby County;

Callysta Borders, Union County; Naomi Dolan, Vermilion County; Grace McCarty, White County;

Johanna Zieren, White County; Katelyn Allen, White County; Peter Widinski, Will County; Avery

Edler, Will County; Vanessa Edler, Will County; and Annsley Healy, White County.

In Community Service, Resmiranda Small of Shelby County was also an Emerald Level winner.

The Deb Stocker Illinois 4-H Youth Leadership Team Scholarship honors an exceptional

member of the 4-H Youth Leadership Team.

Megan Eppel of Lake County was this year’s recipient.  Various donors contributed to this award.

“Winning this award means a lot to me because it will help me finish my business management

and marketing degree,” says Megan. “The Youth Leadership Team has opened so many

opportunities for me to pursue my major.  I’m currently working as the team’s reporter, so working

with the team’s social media, and on the 4-H website. The team gave me those opportunities to

pursue things that I’m interested in and this scholarship will help me further my education.”

The 4-H Sustaining the Future Award recipients include: Sarah Darnell, Hamilton County;

Braylee Gilmore, Macoupin County; Matias Habib, Kendall County; Ashleigh Janssen, Tazewell

County; Halie Kohl, Kankakee County; Paige Lemenager, McLean County; Caitlyn Richards,

Hamilton County. This award is sponsored by Illinois Farm Bureau and Affiliates.

State 4-H Award winners were also celebrated at the event.

The ceremony program is available on the Illinois 4-H Publications Website.

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