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WIU to Celebrate Nurses Week '24

Western Illinois University will celebrate Nurses Week on Monday, May 6-Sunday, May 12. This year, WIU spotlights a few outstanding nurses within the WIU School of Nursing.

Among the individuals we're excited to recognize are Dr. Patricia Eathington and Professor Lyn Bartlett, whose 15-year journey at WIU's School of Nursing has impacted so many lives; their efforts have not only shaped the academic landscape of the program but also inspired countless nurses to pursue their passion for healthcare.

Additionally, we appreciate Dr. Sandy Nash, whose role within our school since August 21, 2008, has significantly expanded the educational opportunities for all nursing students at WIU. Her commitment and contributions to our program are greatly appreciated and recognized.

Nurses Week reminds us how important our healthcare system is in serving our communities and medical systems. Their dedication, expertise and compassion are the center of patient care, ensuring the well-being of individuals. WIU School of Nursing is committed to cultivating a culture of excellence in the next generation of nursing professionals.

Dr. Patricia Eathington, Director of the School of Nursing, will be recognizing the achievements and contributions of the nursing faculty during the week. We would like to acknowledge the nursing students within our program and celebrate National Student Nurse Day on Wednesday, May 8th. The WIU School of Nursing Chi Sigma will be presenting a special gift to honor the dedication and hard work of our nursing students throughout the past year.

For more information on WIU’s Nursing program, visit

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