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WIU Secures #2 Spot in College Consensus' 2024 Ranking of Best Value Online Colleges & Universities

Western Illinois University has been named to the top 10, ranking #2 in “The 25 Best Value Online Colleges & Universities for 2024” by the College Consensus.

WIU is an institution that is dedicated to valuing online degree offerings with affordability, academic excellence and student support. With a commitment to providing accessible and high-quality education, WIU’s online programs are competitively priced, making higher education more attainable for a diverse range of students.

The University’s knowledgeable faculty, comprised of professionals and experts in their fields, ensures a competitive and engaging learning experience for anyone seeking higher education as an option.

Additionally, WIU prioritizes student success by offering online support services and resources including dedicated advisors and technical assistance, creating an environment that aims high for academic achievement and personal growth all attributing to the University’s core values.

College Consensus, an online resource since 2015, ranked WIU based on its unique methodology, which allows every institution, from the richest and best-known university to the smallest and hardest-working regional college, to demonstrate what they do best. You can read more about their comprehensive rankings methodology and sources on their website

For more information on WIU’s online program, visit

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