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WIU Receives $500 Grant From Walmart For Sensory Environments

Western Illinois University was recently granted a $500 community grant from Macomb's Walmart store, facilitating the expansion of occupational therapy and workforce development aids for the University's sensory environments.

This grant, made possible through collaboration between the Initiatives in Accessibility Committee (IIAC) and various departments including Political Science, Museum Studies, Speech Pathology & Audiology, Career Services and the Student Success Center, represents a significant investment in enhancing support and training opportunities for neurodivergent individuals at WIU.

The grant will be utilized to enrich the sensory environments both on campus and online, ensuring that individuals with diverse sensory needs have access to resources that promote inclusion and success. Specifically, funds will support the procurement of occupational therapy tools and workforce development aids for WIU's new sensory environments.

“This represents an opportunity for enhanced attention to WIU from these communities and highlights the innovative networks of service provision that are being formed through these efforts both on and off campus,” WIU Political Science Professor Casey LaFrance said.

For more information on WIU’s sensory rooms and virtual sensorium, email

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