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WIU Partnership With Spoon River College is Stronger Than Ever

MACOMB, IL - - Continuing a strong transfer partnership, Spoon River College and WIU Admissions have partnered together to create a designated space where students can easily find their WIU representative. An admissions representative is at WIU-Macomb and WIU-Canton multiple times per month to meet with students.

Admissions can help students start an application, navigate their next steps after application and walk through questions and ensure a seamless transfer to WIU.

"WIU is pleased to have this branded space for students to continue to think about WIU" WIU Associate Director of Admissions and Director of Transfer Services Kassie Daly said. "Spoon students always know where to find Admissions when we are on campus."

Spoon River College has been one of the top five feeders of new transfer students to WIU for the past several years, with more than 100 new students since 2021. Both institutions have teamed up to offer a unique college experience to our students. Students can attend Spoon River College, our local community college and stay in a residence hall on the WIU campus. Spoon River College is a fine community college interested in helping students gain a firm academic foundation. WIU can offer out-of-classroom living/learning space to complement the SRC education.

For more information on the partnership, contact WIU Admissions at

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