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WIU A-Psi Fraternity Helps Students and Alumni Understand the Importance of Community

The Alpha Psi Lambda National Incorporated (A-Psi), a Western Illinois University United Greek Council fraternity, brings together students and alumni in joining and assisting their community.

A-Psi was established in 2016 by Victor Banda, a Law Enforcement and Justice Administration alumnus, and other like-minded individuals who wanted to add to the culture of Greek life on campus and in the community.

“We spent well over a year building connections with one another and creating what we call today our Familia,” said Banda. “Many of our members come from different walks of life with different experiences from their families at home. We have created our own little family here at Western through bonding, struggling and team building with one another.”

A-Psi is the first and largest co-ed Latin fraternity. Their mission is to promote continued personal and collective growth of members' success and unity through education, leadership, cultural awareness and community service.

“I joined A-Psi because of the familia aspect and the leadership opportunities,” A-Psi President Itzel Santiago said. “You can go anywhere here at WIU and see our hermanos y hermanas in leadership positions. It has inspired me to become the person I am, holding a job at the MCC and president of LASO, as well as prioritizing my academics.”

A-Psi provides a second family and a place for developing professional skills for students on campus.

“Since I’ve been in A-Psi, I’ve been able to meet many people and network,” A-Psi Historian Kaitlyn Crisantos said. “All the new skills I’ve learned from my Familia’ have helped prepare me for the real world. Whether it’s the social or business side of things. I’m ready.”

The fraternity has recognized their bonds with one another developed from the Horn Field Campus (HRC), a unit of Western Illinois University's College of Education and Human Services administered by the Department of Recreation, Park, Tourism, and Hospitality (RPTH) and located just one mile south of Macomb.

“Horn Field Campus played a huge role in how we built these connections and reinforced the trust we had. We organized our first-ever retreat in 2017 and it changed how we saw each other and how we manage the fraternity moving forward,” said Banda. “Since then, we've continued to grow and enhance this support system for anyone and everyone willing to put in the work. I graduated because of this organization, and I know it is what has kept many members on track to cross the stage, as well.”

Banda is committed to maintaining his ties to WIU through A-Psi due to the support system the organization creates for students.

“There are a lot of students who go to college, and some don't finish or quit because they don't have the appropriate support, either from home or on campus,” explained Banda. “I want to continue to help grow this support system to ensure people that come to Western have somewhere they can call home and have individuals of all backgrounds and personalities who they can call Familia. Western became my home away from home because of these individuals and I hope that it will do the same for all incoming potential members.”

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