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WIU: A Longstanding Commitment to Veterans and Active Service Members

For an astounding 13 consecutive years, Western Illinois University has been honored as a "Best for Vets College" by Military Times magazine. In the recently published 2023 rankings, Western ranked 58 overall, an impressive eighth in the Midwest and secured 52 in the "four or more years" category, and ranked 56 in general education and fourth in the "other" category. With more than 300 schools in the lineup, WIU’s unwavering dedication to serving veterans and active service members continues to shine.

According to Military Times, WIU's longstanding commitment to veterans and active service members, spanning over a decade, has solidified its position as a top institution for military-affiliated students. The cornerstone of this commitment is WIU's Veterans Resource Center, a hub of streamlined services and resources that caters to veterans, guard members, reservists and active duty personnel.

WIU President Guiyou Huang expressed his institution's dedication to the military community.

"WIU has been dedicated to serving veterans and active military for over 120 years. Our staff, faculty and community are committed to growing and maintaining the program's support and look forward to the continued growth," Huang said.

The University goes beyond just offering flexible academic options; it provides a comprehensive support system for military-affiliated students. The heart of this support is the Wright Residence, which serves as the Veterans Resource Center (VRC). Here, veterans can access a one-stop solution to address any questions or concerns they may have.

The VRC doesn't stop at individual assistance; it organizes a range of group seminars and workshops tailored to the specific needs of the military student population. Additionally, the center has formed vital partnerships with various campus and community organizations. These collaborations provide students with a broad spectrum of services, including assistance with VA benefits, financial support, disability resources, healthcare, career development and personal wellness.

The center's facilities include computer access and dedicated study/meeting spaces. It's not just a place to seek help; it's a supportive community where student-veterans can find peer assistance from fellow student-veterans, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared experience.

For more information on resources available through VRC, contact Ronald Pettigrew at or call (309) 298-3505.

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