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Winter Snow Removal and Parking Guidelines for Galesburg

With snow in the forecast, the City of Galesburg is providing a reminder regarding the snow removal process and parking guidelines when a snow emergency is in effect.

When snow accumulation reaches two inches, a snow emergency, and parking prohibition will automatically go into effect for the City of Galesburg. What does this mean for citizens who park on City streets? All cars need to be removed from City streets, except in the central business district, to allow snow plows to plow the streets. Any vehicles that remain parked on City streets during a snow emergency are subject to ticketing and towing. Below are guidelines on snow removal in Galesburg and how to know when a snow emergency is in effect.

Galesburg Winter Roadway Guidelines:

  • A parking prohibition will automatically go into effect when snow accumulation reaches two inches. In addition to paying attention to local forecasts, residents have several resources to know when a snow emergency is in effect, including checking the City of Galesburg website, following the City of Galesburg on social media, and signing up for e-alerts to receive a text or email when an emergency alert from the City of Galesburg is posted.

  • All bridges are treated with granular or liquid salt when the street temperature is below freezing.

  • When there is heavy frost, freezing rain, sleet, or snow accumulation of less than two inches, all bridges and major streets are salted. Roads are not plowed at this time.

  • When there is snow accumulation of two inches or more, a snow emergency is declared. At this time, parking is prohibited on all city streets, except the Central Business District. State routes and major streets are plowed and salted first, followed by plowing of residential streets.

More information on winter guidelines can be found on the following pages of the city website: Winter Guidelines Snow Removal Guide and FAQ

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