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What does Christmas mean to you?

The Burg asked students at Costa Catholic Academy, what does Christmas mean to you? We received a variety of answers from grades Kindergarten through 8th. Be sure to pick up a copy of our special Christmas edition next week to see the rest of their peers' answers.



It is family. I love my dadda.

First Grade

Lexie Rose Millar

Jesus birth is on Christmas. I love my family. Santa is coming! I love Christmas!

Second Grade


Christmas means spending time with my family. I like making cookies. I like decorating the tree. And most of all, I love going to my grandma’s house.

Third Grade


Christmas means God, family, friends, giving presents, being thankful, Jesus birthday, Santa (St. Nicholas), and celebrating! Christmas isn’t about presents, but Jesus! Jesus our savior was born on Christmas and we celebrate in different ways. Always love Jesus and yourself!

Fourth Grade


What Christmas means to me… is special. For me Christmas is not just about lights, cookies, movies, but on Christmas day I think everyone should honor Jesus because he came as a baby to save us all so we can gather because of him.

Fifth Grade

Jaidyn Crose

When Christmas starts appearing it brings me joy. I love Christmas so much. When I think about Christmas I don't think of presents, snow, stocking fillers, Christmas trees, or food. I think of family, celebrating Jesus's birth, and being grateful for my life, and the things I have. Like our needs and wants.

Christmas is a special time that you should celebrate with your family. The presents, stocking

fillers, Christmas decorations , candy, and food are just a bonus for christmas. Christmas is special and we know this because you wouldn't normally have midnight masses and church on a holiday. Also we don't have school for a while for Christmas break we don't have Christmas break to get prepared for presents. It's to spend time with your family and be grateful for the things we are going to get. But when we have Christmas it doesn't mean that we get presents from Santa, the elf and reindeer come.

When it comes to Christmas you really have to think deep down about what Christmas really

means. It's about family,friends, love, and joy. When people say,”have a holly jolly Christmas” they are not saying ``I hope you get good presents'' but saying ``have fun spending time with your family and feeling the warmth and safe feeling that you get on Christmas with them. When you get the time with your family you should take the time to be with them because you never know what could happen to them so you want to respect your family members and be happy as much as you can. So what I'm trying to say is that Christmas isn't about presents, it's about love. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !

Sixth Grade

Joseph Elacco

Christmas to me means a time to get together with family and celebrate our savior Jesus’s birthday and to give gifts to make others happier and a time of year especially to give to the poor and those in need because sometimes a little for you can mean a lot to others. So a challenge I give to you is to give at least $20 to a charity or a homeless person.

Seventh Grade


To me, Christmas isn’t about the gifts and the best decorations, it’s about family, your neighbors, and Jesus’ birth. Christmas is a holiday that’s supposed to bring people together. I love the Christmas season because the holiday brings the good out of people.

Eighth Grade

Molly Tomeo

To me Christmas means that I can see my family. It's tough not seeing them all year. I really look forward to seeing their faces when they open their presents. My cousin has the cutest face when she gets a new toy! But my highlight of the season is baking cookies with my Grandmother and cousin. This is what Christmas means to me.

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