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Vickroy's A Furniture Business Who Cares

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

By Eleanor Sevigny

Published February 25, 2021 in The Burg

In 1956 Clarence and Marietta Vickroy moved from Geneseo to Monmouth and founded Vickroy’s furniture. Today the store is run by Rick and Dawn, who strive to continue Vickroy’s mission to provide local residents with great furniture that’s built to last.

Vickroy’s like many other small businesses has been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, “To some extent we have felt the effects of the pandemic. We were closed for 2 months in 2020. Since then we have had pretty steady business. I have no complaints. It’s a tough time for everyone and other businesses are struggling more than we are. The last couple of months business has started to slow down again between the colder weather and the pandemic. I rather focus on the positive. We’re still open and we’re still helping the community get quality furniture into their homes.” Dawn Schisler explained.

Schisler see’s the pandemic as the opportunity to challenge herself with her goals for Vickroy’s, “I want to keep the family business going. That is my reason to come into work every day.”

This is what differentiates Vickroy’s from their big box store competitors. “Every purchase made from us goes directly back into our community. It provides for our family and our employees' families. Because we are a family owned business we are able to offer a personalized service to each customer. We know furniture. Furniture is what we have been doing as a family for over 65 years, so we are able to offer quality furniture, knowledge, and personalization for each customer. You could not get what we offer in a big box store.” Schisler proudly stated.

Anyone can see this when they walk into Vickroy’s. They have a huge selection from their show windows to the lower level. Each item of furniture that you see is high quality at a great value. Vickroy’s even carries top of the line brands from La-Z-Boy recliners to Sealy Posturepedic mattresses.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has been challenging for Vickroy’s that is not the most challenging thing that they have to deal with. “The most challenging thing I have to deal with on a daily basis is having everything everyone wants. We want to make all of our customers happy, so we can ensure they have a great experience. We try to have every type of furniture our customers might want in stock. Which can be a challenge, but we do our best and make it happen.” Schisler explained.

Whether you are looking for a new bed or dining set this spring after your tax return comes in, “Just come in to Vickroy’s and you will be amazed at the selection. Nobody does exactly what we do in our area unless you’re willing to drive to a major city. Even then I doubt they would be willing to offer you free delivery like we do. Vickroy’s is the total package a personal experience for every customer. We are a family and we care about you.” Schisler proudly states.

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