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United Way of Knox County and ROE #33 partner to launch four Born Learning Trails

Galesburg, IL – August 9, 2021 – Learning happens everywhere a child goes, but parents,

grandparents and caregivers may not always know how to support that learning.

That won’t be the case at the four new Born Learning Trails that United Way of Knox County

and Regional Office of Education #33 will be constructing. When Mom and Dad, Aunt Amy and

Grandpa take their favorite young child to these sites, they’ll be able to play fun games together

that will help the child go to school ready to succeed.

The first two Born Learning Trails are being constructed this month! The first will be built at the

United Way of Knox County at 1215 Monmouth Boulevard, Galesburg on August 10th. The

second will be built at Rotary Park in Galesburg on August 20th.

Based on the latest early childhood research and approved by national early learning experts

through United Way Worldwide, the Born Learning Trail is designed to help adults interact with

children to boost language and literacy development and to help caregivers understand how to

best support early learning in outdoor everyday moments.

Knox County is a Grade Level Reading Community, meaning that we are dedicated to making

sure that our local children are at grade level reading by the time that they enter the third

grade. United Way of Knox County has actively worked towards this goal by funding Dolly

Parton’s Imagination Library for our county and is thankful to the Regional Office of Education

for partnering with them to offer another asset for our local children to build these skills.

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