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Sorensen to UAW Workers on House Floor: ‘I Got Your Back’

Congressman Eric Sorensen delivered a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives expressing support for United Auto Workers (UAW) members as they negotiate their contract with major automotive industry companies.

“The current negotiations have implications not just for workers, but for the future of the auto industry and our economic competitiveness,” said Sorensen during his speech. “While companies report record profits and their CEOs take home tens of millions in compensation, the salary of the average autoworker has declined by 40 percent over the past two decades. Our UAW neighbors are simply asking for their fair share.”

You can view Congressman Sorensen’s full remarks here.

The current agreement between UAW members and big automotive manufacturing companies, Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis, expires near midnight on September 14. More than 150,000 impacted workers are negotiating a contract for fair wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions. Illinois 17th Congressional District is home to 10,300 UAW members which includes 6,000 active members and 4,300 retired members.

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