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Sorensen Statement on Vote to Vacate the Speaker’s Office

WASHINGTON D.C. – Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) released the following statement on his vote to vacate the office of the Speaker.

“Today, I solemnly joined my colleagues in voting to re-establish bipartisanship and to bring order back to the House of Representatives,” said Sorensen. “When I was first elected to Congress, I promised my neighbors that I would work with anyone, Democrat or Republican, who was interested in solving the real problems that my constituents face. Since day one, Speaker McCarthy has chosen the path of partisanship, chaos, and confusion. That is not what my constituents, nor the American people, should expect from Congress. I look forward to electing a Speaker that will bring us together to focus on lowering costs, strengthening our border, and giving working families the tools they need to succeed.”

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