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Sorensen Secures Tax Dollars for Western Illinois Infrastructure Projects

Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) secured over $123 million in tax dollars for historic projects in Western Illinois. 


“Western Illinois is a special place, and it is my job to make sure my neighbors can live and grow a family in communities that are sustainable for future generations. One of the ways I can make sure that happens is by bringing tax dollars back home to support middle-class families,” said Sorensen. “By working across the aisle, I was able to secure over $123 million for Western Illinois to upgrade our river infrastructure to grow our economy, fix broken roads, and help ensure that when you turn on the faucet, you have access to clean drinking water. I am grateful to our local partners who helped advocate for these investments that will have a positive impact on the lives of so many of our neighbors.” 


The historic projects Sorensen secured for Western Illinois communities are: 


Infrastructure Improvements along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers 

The Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) is a historic bipartisan, interstate river infrastructure initiative that Sorensen has been a strong advocate for since entering Congress. Sorensen secured $120 million in the now passed FY2024 House Energy and Water Appropriations bill to support NESP and upgrade outdated locks along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. By upgrading locks, the investments make river navigation more efficient, bring Illinois’ goods to market faster, and boost the regional economy. 



“The Illinois Soybean Growers commend the further funding of the NESP program in the FY24 Energy and Water appropriations package. The continued support by Rep. Sorensen and members of the Illinois delegation highlights the importance of the NESP program to maintain a reliable and cost-effective transportation system for Illinois exports. The program also strikes an important note balancing the need to maintain navigation and protect ecosystems along the Illinois waterway. We look forward to continued advancement of the NESP program and progress toward the construction of new 1200-foot lock chambers on the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers,” said Illinois Soybean Association Director of Government Relations Andrew Larson. 


Road Improvements in Rock Island 

$1,466,279 secured by Sorensen in the FY2024 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill will give the city of Rock Island the funding it needs to reconstruct the 35th Street West & Centennial Expressway intersection using a safer, more modern street re-design. The project will improve motorist and pedestrian safety in the area. 


“This is exciting news, this will help Rock Island begin the project of replacing a major intersection that has been riddled with potholes and poor concrete conditions. This will help us market this area for further development. I thank Congressman Sorensen for assisting with this project,” said Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms. 


Lead Service Lines Replacement in Moline 

Illinois’ 17th Congressional District has one of the highest percentages of lead pipes of any district in the country, which is why Sorensen successfully fought for and passed $500,000 for Moline to replace an estimated 70 service lines on 15th Street between 16th Avenue and 20th Avenue. This investment allows the city to achieve more equitable drinking water access for families. This funding will contribute to ensuring Moline residents have access to clean, safe drinking water. 


“The City of Moline is so grateful for this allocation which helps us address a $36 million long-term program to replace lead service lines.  We are happy to be able to access funding that benefits the health and safety of our residents in such an important way,” said Moline Mayor Sangeetha Rayapati. 


Lead Service Lines Replacement for Monmouth 

Illinois’ 17th Congressional District has one of the highest percentages of lead pipes of any district in the country, which is why Sorensen successfully fought for and passed $959,752 for Monmouth to replace lead service lines. This investment allows the community to achieve more equitable and safe drinking water access for families. 


“The proactive support from U.S. Congressman Sorensen, securing a significant allocation of $959,752 by the House Appropriation Interior Subcommittee for City of Monmouth for the replacement of lead water service lines in the community is a meaningful and far-reaching first step in addressing this water quality challenge for Monmouth residents. Given an estimated $8 to $9 million total cost of replacing all lead water service lines connected to the Monmouth municipal water distribution system, the City greatly appreciates Congressman Sorensen’s influence in allowing the City to initiate this project by targeting those neighborhoods with residents who can least afford this cost. These federal funds will also be spent in high-risk properties such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and childcare facilities where lead water service lines are known to exist. The allocation of federal funds will not only lessen the financial burden for the City and community residents but will also advance the time frame to fully and successfully complete this task,” said Monmouth Mayor Rod Davies. 


Water Main Replacement in Lanark 

An $959,752 investment is included in the now passed FY2024 Interior Appropriations bill to repair the city’s water mains, which have experienced an excess number of breaks and incidents of low-pressure. This investment is essential for Lanark families because current water infrastructure is not prepared to provide water adequately and reliably to residents and businesses. 


“The City of Lanark, our City Council, and our City Engineer, Fehr Graham, are thrilled and extremely thankful to have been selected by Congressman Sorensen for this important and significant infrastructure Community Project funding. This nearly $2M of project funding will allow the City of Lanark to perform much needed water main replacement within our community that will improve the quality of water and life for our residents and local businesses. This is a significant ‘WIN’ for our City and provides benefit and value to everyone that lives and does business in our community. This is the largest grant award the City of Lanark has ever received, and our City utility will put it to good use. Thank you so much Congressman Sorensen!” said Lanark Mayor Mark Macomber. 


Sorensen secured funding for these projects as part of the Community Project Funding process, which allows members of Congress to secure investments for local projects in their communities. The projects for Western Illinois were included in House spending legislation signed into law by the President. 

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