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Sorensen Secures Historic Investments for Central and Northwestern Illinois

Congressman Eric Sorensen (IL-17) voted to pass six bipartisan spending bills in the House of Representatives that include funding he secured for 12 transformative projects across Illinois’ 17th Congressional District


“My top priority in Congress is making sure that the federal government works for the people of Central and Northwestern Illinois. One of the important ways I can make sure that happens is by bringing federal tax dollars back home to support middle-class families,” said Sorensen. “By working across the aisle, I was able to secure over $130 million to upgrade our infrastructure, support local police departments, repair our locks and dams, deliver clean drinking water, and so much more. I am grateful to our local partners who helped advocate for these historic investments that will create jobs, grow our economy, and have a positive impact on the lives of so many of our neighbors.”   


Sorensen’s projects will return $130 million taxpayer dollars to Central and Northwestern Illinois, more than almost any other congressional district across the country. The spending bills advance to the Senate for passage and then head the President's desk for signature this week.  


The projects Sorensen helped pass for Central and Northwestern Illinois communities are: 




  • Infrastructure Improvements along the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers: The Navigation and Ecosystem Sustainability Program (NESP) is a historic bipartisan, interstate river infrastructure initiative that Sorensen has been a strong advocate for since entering Congress. Sorensen and his colleagues secured $120 million in the now House-passed FY2024 House Energy and Water Appropriations bill to support NESP and upgrade outdated locks along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. By upgrading locks, the investments make river navigation more efficient, bring Illinois’ goods to market faster, and boost the regional economy. 

  • Road Improvements in Rock Island: $1,466,279 secured by Sorensen in the FY2024 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill would give the city of Rock Island the funding it needs to reconstruct the 35th Street West & Centennial Expressway intersection using a safer, more modern street re-design. The project would improve motorist and pedestrian safety in the area. 

  • Lead Service Lines Replacement in Moline: Illinois’ 17th Congressional District has one of the highest percentages of lead pipes of any congressional district in the country, Sorensen successfully fought for and passed $500,000 for Moline to replace an estimated 70 service lines on 15th Street between 16th Avenue and 20th Avenue. This investment allows the city to achieve more equitable drinking water access for families. This funding would contribute to ensuring Moline residents have access to clean, safe drinking water. 

  • Lead Service Lines Replacement for Monmouth: Illinois’ 17th Congressional District has one of the highest percentages of lead pipes of any congressional district in the country, Sorensen successfully fought for and passed $959,752 for Monmouth to replace lead service lines in the city. This investment allows the community to achieve more equitable and safe drinking water access for families. 




  • Training Resources for Winnebago County Police: To keep Northern Illinois communities safe and connect officers with the communities they serve, Sorensen secured and helped pass $847,000 for the Winnebago County Regional Police Training Center to purchase real-world training equipment. This investment will better equip officers with the resources they need to do their jobs and improve police community-relations. Funding for this project was included in the FY2024 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill Sorensen helped pass. 

  • Bridge Replacement over Keith Creek in Rockford: Due to outdated infrastructure, residents in a Rockford neighborhood lack adequate walking access to a nearby elementary school, posing a danger to students. Sorensen helped pass $1 million in the FY2024 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill to replace the 8th Avenue Bridge over Keith Creek to reconnect the community to the school. The funding will also upgrade a 100+-year-old water main and relocate an environmentally problematic sanitary sewer structure, re-establishing reliable water service. In sum, the project will improve quality of life for residents. 

  • Clean Drinking Water Infrastructure for the City of Freeport: $959,752 was requested and secured by Sorensen in the FY2024 Interior Appropriations bill to replace wells in Freeport that were shut down due to contamination. This investment will help bring Freeport’s water supply back to original levels and ensure local families have access to clean drinking water. 

  • Water Main Replacement in Lanark: An $959,752 investment is included in the House-passed FY2024 Interior Appropriations bill to repair the city’s water mains, which have experienced an excess number of breaks and incidents of low-pressure. This investment is essential for Lanark families because current water infrastructure is not prepared to provide water adequately and reliably to residents and businesses. 




  • Affordable Housing in Peoria: To help increase homeownership in Peoria, Sorensen successfully passed $500,000 to construct new affordable single-family homes in the 61605 ZIP code. Increasing homeownership builds generational wealth, strengthens neighborhoods, and lays the groundwork for future community growth. 

  • Sewer Infrastructure Upgrades in Bloomington: The $2 million secured by Sorensen in the FY2024 Interior Appropriations bill would be used to construct new sanitary sewers and water mains and separate combined sewers into separate systems, which will help eliminate capacity issues. This project would minimize overflows, sewer backups, and flooding, both in homes and public bodies of water during heavy rain events. 

  • Sidewalk Upgrades in Peoria: To increase walkability in areas where residents rely on both walking and public transit, Sorensen helped secure $500,000 in the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill to upgrade and replace outdated sidewalks in Peoria. 

  • Water Main Replacement for Peoria Heights: Sorensen secured $959,752 in the FY2024 Interior Appropriations bill to replace critical water infrastructure in Peoria Heights. This project would help provide safe drinking water to families and promote equity between two sections of the community separated by the Illinois River bluffs. 


All projects Sorensen requested are the result of consultation with local officials and community leaders as part of the Community Project Funding process. This process allows members of Congress to direct funding for critical initiatives in their communities. 

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