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Q and A with Alexis Edgerson

By John Ring

Published February 10, 2022 in The Burg

There’s nothing like the hot-hand of a sophomore shooter to snap a losing streak.

5’4” sophomore Alexis Edgerson started in the absence of Kadynce Lydic and sank four three-pointers to help the Silver Streaks knock off East Moline and snap a five-game losing streak.

With the win and another victory later in the week over Canton, Galesburg has a 19-9 record.

That game against the Panthers ended a brutal stretch of tough games for the Streaks, in which they played all state-ranked teams. “Yeah, we took a few losses this past week so it was nice to get a win,” said Edgerson.

Edgerson has shown a good touch shooting the ball throughout the season coming off the bench and her offense opened the game up for the Streaks. She’s usually one of the first players off the bench for Coach Evan Massey and it’s easy to forget she’s just a sophomore at times.

But Alexis’ strength came through against East Moline, which had a strong inside game and defense. Alexis was able to find space just outside the three-point arc and hurt the Panthers with her outside shooting, draining four of them for 12 points in Galesburg’s win.

I caught up with her after the victory.

Q: You were feeling it today weren’t you?

EDGERSON: “Yeah, I was. Since Kadynce was out today Coach Massey asked me to step up and start and so I was able to help out.”

Q: You’re spending your time as a sophomore with the varsity, was that a goal of yours

coming into the season?

EDGERSON: “It was. It was a goal of mine to be a varsity playe since I was 5 years old and playing ball at the Y, I’ve always wanted to be a varsity player for the Silver Streaks”

Q: Have you generally always been a good shooter from the outside?

EDGERSON: “Well, growing up not really but now everybody is taller and bigger than me.”

Q: But Molly Watson was 5’4” tall too, right?

EDGERSON: “True. True. But right now, that’s my easiest and best way to score to help out the team. I came out last summer and did a lot of shooting with the gun at the Gym and it helped. Lexi [Daniels]

and Coach Massey encouraged me to do that this past summer and I think that it helped me become a better shooter.”

Q: Not to jump too far ahead but what do you want to work on for the last two years of your time with the Streaks?

EDGERSON: “Finishing. I need to work to finish plays on offense. I also need to keep working on my shot everyday to get better at it.”

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