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Prairie State Legal Celebrates 45 Years of Serving Illinois

By Semetrius Holmes

Published April 7, 2022 in The Burg

Justice is served when this non profit law firm is called upon. Prairie State Legal turns 45 years old this upcoming May. Prairie State Legal offers free legal services for those who come from low-income families and people who are 60 years and over.

There are 11 office locations serving 36 counties in northern Illinois. Those locations do not include Chicago and Cook county. For the last 45 years they have been able to receive justice for their clients, while being able to give back into the community. Several lawyers within this organization volunteer their time and are pro-bono.

Galesburg representative Don Driscoll won the pro-bono award in October. He began volunteering back in 2019 after retiring from active practice. Driscoll has had over 10 cases and donated more than 10 more hours of his time.

Tom Massari Prairie State Legal’s Manager of Marketing Communication had this to say about the organization “working for an organization that is not focused on the money, but focused on the people and the community that is the bigger picture.”

When asked about the 45th anniversary of the organization he had this to say. “ Within the last 10 years alone we have grown tremendously. Rockford was only the beginning and I’m looking forward to the next wave of change in these next 45 years.”

Tom has been with the organization for almost two years and has seen how the pandemic has affected the organization and how many volunteers that are not attorneys.

Forty-five years is a long time. 50 years is right around the corner and there is a lot more justice to be served in the world. For more information about volunteering or getting help from Prairie State Legal go to Feel free to email for more information about becoming a volunteer, or to apply to become a volunteer.

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