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Patience pays off as Carius signs pro deal

MACOMB -- It's been a long wait for Western Illinois alum Will Carius, but he now gets his chance to continue his basketball career, signing his first professional deal with the Nunawading Spectres of the NB1 in Australia.

"It's been really exciting, it's been a long summer and winter waiting for something good, an opportunity to hit, but I'm excited I get a chance to play," Carius said. "It was being patient for the most part, I had a couple places looking at me but this one came out."

Help and connections were able to get Carius to Australia and now that he's on his way, he plans on making the most of it.

"Jordan Delp, my trainer has been working me out and Dain Swatella, he played with this team for eight years, he lives in Australia and facilitated talks," Carius said. "It's cool to get to play on the same team as a fellow Quad City basketball alum."

Patience also paid off as Carius waited almost a year after his last game at Western Illinois before getting his pro shot.

"It's been a lot of staying in shape, a lot of working out," Carius said. "The TBK Center around here is great, I've been in there most every day trying to stay honed in, knowing my opportunity could come at any moment, so I had to be ready whenever.

"Luckily, the Aussie League season starts in April so I won't get a late start, I can meet with the team and be prepared."

Carius heads down under in a couple of weeks, which should give him time to get acclimated to his new team, surroundings, and style of play. But it has not been all work, as Carius does admit he's followed his alma mater Leathernecks quite a bit this season.

"They've been fun to watch, some of the new pieces have helped a ton," Carius said. "Alec (Rosner) is playing well, Trenton (Massner) is doing his thing and I'm glad to see Q (Quinlan Bennett) is finally healthy and getting to play. No one saw him do what he can do last year so I'm glad to see him and the team doing well, especially that great stretch against the Dakotas at home."

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