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Morss-Miles Carves Out the Fun of Playing Golf

By Jeff Holt

Published in The Burg September 16, 2021

During the week, Angie Morss-Miles is the Office Coordinator at the Galesburg Hospital Ambulance Service (GHAS).

"I get to work with some really great people," she says.

You might also remember her from growing up as Angie (O'Connor), and a 1986 graduate of Galesburg High School.

For close to 19 years, she has been able to enjoy the game of golf. She started out "many moons ago" taking golf lessons from Cory Bizarri when he was the Golf Pro at Lake Bracken.

"My parents used to play all the time, so I took lessons when I was younger," she said. "But honestly, I lost interest in playing for a long time. When my husband and I got together, I started playing again at Lake Bracken."

Continued Angie, "I really just like to be out in the nice weather and it can be a good way to spend time with friends. Some rounds are definitely better than others!"

Her favorite course to play is Valley View Golf Course in Cambridge.

"It’s always in great shape and the course is challenging," she said. "It has some elevation to some of the holes and it’s just a beautiful course."

Some of the other golf courses that she's played at are Bunker Links, Gibson Woods, Lake Bracken, Oak Run and some courses in Iowa.

Plus, her two older brothers (Randy and Stan) are still in the Galesburg area and she gets to play golf with them.

"They both play at Bunker Links and I enjoy getting to hang out with them on the golf course," she said.

Angie has also played in countless best ball tournaments, including four of them in the past month. Her next best ball tournament is the Knox County Crush Tournament.

"I like playing in the best ball tournaments because I like playing as a team, and there are always a few holes that there is an advantage to having a woman on the team ... as long as we hit a good drive. LOL."

Angie seems to have the perfect mindset for playing golf. She's carved out her own niche ... with family and a team-first attitude.

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