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Medicare Members Have More Time to Change Advantage Plans

With Cottage Hospital losing Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, what are Medicare members to do if Cottage Hospital is the only hospital covered on their Advantage plan? Thankfully, there is another enrollment period available to Medicare Advantage plan members. It's called the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period. According to, people who are already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, can make one switch to another Advantage plan between January 1st and March 31st. They may also drop their Advantage plan, go back to original Medicare and pick up a Medicare drug plan, if needed.

A handy search tool to find another Advantage plan available in your area is on the Medicare website,, under "Find Plans." As an alternative, your current plan may have another plan with more hospital options. You can call their customer service number to find out, or ask for them to put you in touch with a local agent to review your plan options by phone, email or in person.

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