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Local Author Introduces New Book

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Published March 4, 2021 in The Burg

My name is Linda (Utterback) Mowrer. I am a new, home-grown author. This is my first book. I was born and raised in Galesburg, leaving only to go to college. I graduated from Galesburg Senior High in 1981 and after taking a few years off, I went to Illinois State University, majoring in Sociology. I graduated in 1988.

In the early 90’s, I work with the developmentally disabled in both residential and work environments. I also had my oldest daughter in June of 1991. I married my soulmate in 1997 and we had our second daughter in August of 1998.

After my youngest went to kindergarten, I opened an in-home child care. I found my calling. I loved with the children. I took a small break, but all-in-all, I worked in child care for 14 years, retiring in 2017. Both girls had grown and left the house and I began to look for something new. I had decided to take “a few courses” at Lincoln Christian University for personal enrichment. When speaking with the academic

advisor for a while, I told her about my Bachelors and she suggested going for my Masters. Although my Bachelors was not in religion, she said it would not make a difference. So, after talking it over with my husband, I signed up for classes and began in Jan 2018. I went 2 straight years, graduating in Dec 2019. What a ride!! One of the courses I took was called the Sermon on the Mount and Beyond. It was in this class that I grew to love and appreciate the Sermon. Through this class, I began to see the importance of Jesus’ Words and how, as Christians, we need to truly live by these Words. Our world desperately needs to see us “practice what we preach.” So, I decided for my capstone project, I would develop a Bible study on the Sermon.

The capstone is the program end project or paper that ties in

everything you have learned. After eight grueling weeks of research, writing, rewriting and rewriting, I turned my paper in and finished my academics. Wow!!

At one point, I began to ask others to read my study and critique it for me. I sent it to my capstone mentor and the professor who taught the Sermon on the Mount class. Both enjoyed and my mentor gave me an outstanding compliment and that encouraged me to have it published. After researching both traditional and self-publishing, I chose to go with self-publishing as I felt I got the best of both worlds with it. I had the experience and knowledge of an entire team of professionals and I was able to retain creative control. So, I began my publishing journey and here we are~~my book is being released on Monday March 1 st . I will be at Brighter Life in Galesburg, IL on : Saturday, March 6 th from 11-1 Saturday, March 13 th from 11-1 for two book signing events.

My book can be purchased through Brighter Life Bookshoppe and Wordsmith Bookshoppe, both located in Galesburg. It can also be purchased through and But I do encourage buying local and supporting small businesses.

I also have a Facebook Fan Page and it can be found at LindaMowrer@novicewriter63. This is all very exciting and very surreal. And all glory goes to God! It is His work~~I’m just the vessel.

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