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Kids Rock the Arts Winners Announced

Knoxville, IL….Historic Walnut Grove Farm, Blick Art Materials and the Galesburg Community Arts Center announce the winners of the fourth annual Kids Rock the Arts Contest. During the Knox County Scenic Drive, school age children from surrounding counties entered this two dimensional art contest to showcase their work and vie for Blick Art Materials gift certificates. Julie Swanson Davis, an accomplished artist and 30 year veteran of art education with the Blick company, was the juror for this “blind judged” contest. The work is displayed for the two weekends of the Scenic Drive at Walnut Grove Farm, the last day being Sunday October 10. Specializing in hand made art, homemade food, homegrown produce and family activities has been the strength of the Barn Fest at Walnut Grove Farm. The farm, an official stop on the Knox County Scenic Drive, is located ½ mile north of Knoxville, IL. For info:

First Place Winners - receiving a $50 gift certificate from Blick Art Materials: Aribelle Fryer, home schooled; Sebby Thompson, home schooled; Lilah Thompson, home schooled; Gabby Johnson, Knoxville Junior High; Ella Hays, Mercer County High School; Lexi Becker, Mercer County High School; Karissa Geisinger, Mercer County High School.

Second Place Winners – receiving a $25 coupon from Blick Art Materials: Lovie Wise, Costa; Michaela Perez, ROWVA; Caleb Perez, ROWVA; Rayla Parkinson, Mercer County; Lexi Becker, Mercer County High School; Olivia Huecke, Mercer County High.

Third Place Winners - James Rozny, home schooled; Ethereal Hidden, Silas Willard; Marley Giza, home schooled; Ellyn Johnson, Silas Willard; Ella King, Darby Balmer and Olivia Hucke all of Mercer County High School.

Honorable Mention Awards - Anna Rozny, home schooled; Gracie Johnson, Mable Woolsey Elementary; Olivia Cueller, Mercer County; Makayla Willits, Mercer County; Jevon Long, Mercer County; Brittany Weir, Monmouth-Roseville; Olivia Hucke, Carson Holmes, Kylie McCoy, Maddie Dunn, Lexi Becker, Baylee Foster, and Lucy Dunn all of Mercer County High School.

Tuesday Cetin of The Galesburg Community Arts Center stated, “I am so pleased with the talent that we have in our community of young artists. Thanks to the teachers and parents for encouraging them!”

Julie Swanson Davis, celebrated artist and juror for the show writes notes to each emerging artist who entered the contest. “Since I was a child I knew that I wanted to be an artist and art contests inspired me then. It’s not about the prizes and ribbons-although they are great motivators, it’s about how each artist experiences a new confidence with a final product they have created that is so important.” Julie Swanson Davis has 30 years of creative service and experience at Blick, and as Senior Education developer, she creates projects and gives workshops and classes all over the country.

“We are extremely fortunate to have forces in our community that support all art, but especially emerging artists. Thanks to Blick Art Materials, Galesburg Community Art Center and Julie Swanson Davis for the exciting work they do. This body of work by the talented kids in our community makes us better people. It’s what we all need!” states Jan King of Walnut Grove Farm.

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