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IHSA & SportsCom Announce Baseball Partnership

The Illinois High School Association (IHSA) is proud to announce a new official corporate partnership with SportsCom, making the Illinois-based company the official baseball coach to player electronic communication device of the IHSA.

“SportsCom is excited to partner with the IHSA in their vision for the future of high school athletics,” said SportsCom President Daryl Ludvik. “As an Illinois company, it only made sense for us to be a part of the IHSA family. We’re dedicated to providing a cost-effective solution for schools in the state and look forward to many successful years of partnerships with teams across the state of Illinois.”

In July 2023, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) approved the usage of “one-way electronic communication devices from the dugout to the catcher for the purpose of calling pitches” in high school baseball. The use of electronic communication devices will be utilized beginning with the 2024 IHSA baseball season.

“Electronic pitch-calling devices in high school baseball is just the latest example of the intersection between sports and technology,” said IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderson. “We believe it will have a positive impact on the game, but it’s important that our schools feel confident in the implementation process. We feel very fortunate to have SportsCom, which is both a local company and a national leader in the field, as an IHSA partner. SportsCom not only provides a world-class product, but also the accompanying education and support that will prepare our coaches and players for gameday.”

SportsCom was created “to solve the need for immediate in-game communication while bypassing hand signals or wrist bands that can cause confusion and slow down the pace of the game.” The SportsCom solution delivers an easy-to-use and seamless path to ensuring that players see every sign and that coaches have the in-game data for all of their self-scouting and analytical needs.

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