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Humane Society Building Families through Adoption

By Semetirus Holmes

Published April 7, 2022 in The Burg

The Humane society welcomes all who want to add another member to their family by adopting pets.

Families can book appointments to come in and meet the pets who are ready to come home and create memories that will last a lifetime. Adopting will be an easy process and so will meeting them as well. The shelter has been around since 1995 and is owned locally within the community and not rented. Currently a way to see the animals in a quick minute would be on Facebook. All information on how to adopt a pet is on the Facebook page with pictures as well. There is another way to also see the animals at the shelter. Set up your appointment and come see them. Appointments are now required due to COVID-19 protocols. The new approach is different from what we are used to before entering the pandemic era.

Erin Bucamaster the director of the Humane society shelter has been around since the shelter first opened their doors. In 1995 she began as the board director, but later around 2005 she started becoming labeled as the volunteer director due to her dedication to get these animals home. She had this to say about the humane society when asked about the impact pets have on lives. “Pets are family, not a possession.” Erin even explained her feelings towards the animals being adopted and the separation from them moving from one family to another. “The best part is going home to a family that not only accepts them, but those who get accepted as well in the other part of the relationship. Adoption is labeled as a victory because we have changed not just our lives but the lives of our extended family members.”

Volunteering possibilities are quite interesting based on the way the pandemic changed multiple times and even had to change some new qualifications to even go and adapt to the changes. Mickey is the longest animal that is still with the shelter followed up by Barry and the legendary Buster Brown holding down that top spot. These three are like the pillars of the humane society. Legends in their own right, but Mickey and his friends are waiting to be adopted. Feel free to check in and call about the one that you believe is the perfect match. Call in to reserve your time to see the animals or to adopt. The time available to adopt is 12 to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. All animals are up for adoption and none of them are off limits feel free to pull up and add another member to the family.

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