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Chicago-based Brigade Undergoes Name Change

SPRINGFIELD, Illinois – The Illinois Army National Guard’s 108th Sustainment Brigade, headquartered in Chicago, has a new name, but the mission will remain the same.

On Sept. 2, the 108th Sustainment Brigade became the 34th Division Sustainment Brigade (DSB), following a force design update by the Army National Guard to convert eight National Guard Sustainment Brigades to Division Sustainment Brigades, including the 108th Sustainment Brigade.

“The update establishes the DSB commander as the 34th Infantry Division’s chief of sustainment, responsible for the integration, synchronization, and execution of sustainment operations in the division’s area of operations,” said Lt. Col. Beth Roxworthy, the 34th DSB’s commander. “The 34th DSB employs sustainment capabilities to create desired effects in support of the division commander’s objectives”.

Operationally, the 34th DSB is aligned with the 34th Infantry Division, a National Guard division based in Minnesota.

“We couldn’t be happier to continue our operational alignment with our teammates from the newly dubbed 34th Division Sustainment Brigade,” said Maj. Gen. Charles Kemper, Commander, 34th Infantry Division. “The name may be new, but they are proven expert sustainers.”

Although the 108th Sustainment Brigade is now the 34th DSB, the Soldiers assigned will retain their current unit patch and the unit will retain its motto - Sine Qua Non.

“Sine Qua Non means Without Which Cannot Be Done,” said Lt. Col. Danielle Price, the 34th’s Officer in Charge. “Without sustainment capabilities or logistics support, the fight or combat operations cannot be sustained. A maneuver element always requires a level of logistical support to expand operational reach and prolonged endurance on the battlefield.”

Maj. Gen. Rodney Boyd, Assistant Adjutant General – Army and Commander of the Illinois Army National Guard, said the unit is prepared for future missions.

“The Force Design Update will better prepare the 34th Division Sustainment Brigade for its role in the Army of the future,” Boyd said. “The Illinois Army National Guard will continue to train and prepare to remain relevant in that role.”

The 108th Sustainment Brigade was organized April 22, 1936 from new and existing units in the Illinois Army National Guard as the 108th Quartermaster Regiment with headquarters in Chicago. The unit became the 108th Sustainment Brigade in 2006.

The 108th Sustainment Brigade received campaign credit for New Guinea and Luzon during World War II. In addition, Headquarters Company, 108th Sustainment Brigade, has earned campaign credit for participation in the Somme Offensive, Meuse-Argonne offensive, Picardy 1918, and Lorraine 1918 during World War I, and Northern Solomons, Leyte, and Southern Philippines during World War II.

The 108th Sustainment Brigade last deployed in 2014 to Kuwait. Approximately 250 Soldiers from Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 34th Division Sustainment Brigade and approximately 35 Soldiers from the 433rd Signal Company, have received a notice of sourcing of a potential mobilization and deployment to the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility in early 2024.

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