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Back at School

By Jan Abel

Published September 2, 2021 in The Burg

Hi, Jan here! School has officially begun at Monmouth College! By the time you’re reading this, I’m already moved back into the dorms and probably have some sort of essay due.

And I’m not even saying that as a joke. I probably do...

This term I have four full-credit classes and two half-credit courses. I was pretty proud of myself for being able to make it an even split between my two majors (English and Public Relations, for those who may not know), if I’m being honest.

One of the required course types for English majors are two semesters of both British and American literature, ranging from the 1400s-1900s. Last semester, I was in an American literature course and we covered everything from Native American folktales to Walt Whitman.

This year the focus is on British literature, and I have to be honest, outside of the gothic and romantic era, I don’t know much about classic British literature.

My other English course for the semester is a creative writing course.

Anyone who knows me knows that my goal for most of my life was to one day be a famous author. When I went to GHS, I wanted to take the creative writing class so many times, but it unfortunately just didn’t fit. Oh well, better late than never, right?

My PR classes are much less on the “artsy” side and a little more on the “practicalities” end of the spectrum. One is your basic “Intro to Public Relations” course, and the other is a class going over the basics of economics. Now, I took Econ in high school. Was it easy? Not particularly. Is my wonderful cousin who is an accounting major in Naperville probably going to get quite a few texts for explanations? Yes.

Monmouth is unique (or maybe not, I don’t really look into the courses at other schools, that’d be weird), where certain clubs and events will get you additional credit. My Radio Workshop that I wouldn’t quit talking about last semester gives you a half credit for every semester completed.

This year, I get the bonus of being an exec for the radio, so I get credits and money. I’m really living the high-life, huh?

The other class-but-not-really-a-class I’m in is dedicated to helping set up and organize the Classics department's yearly “Classics Day” festival. They have you working within your interests to help the day run smoothly. After it being cancelled last year, I was really excited to see it added back to the roster in the spring.

Was this a bit of a boring update? Yeah...but I promise with school starting out, I’ll have much more interesting things to discuss soon. Until then, I hope you have a very lovely day, and I’ll talk to you all very soon.

(Jan is a graduate of Galesburg High School and a current student at Monmouth College. She's also a frequent columnist for The Burg.)

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