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ASAN Donates Books and Resources to WIU Sensory Rooms and Virtual Sensorium

Western Illinois University's sensory rooms on both campuses will have an expanded selection of resources thanks to donations made by the Autism Self-Advocacy Network (ASAN).

ASAN's contribution includes a wide range of books aimed at enhancing the sensory experience for individuals with autism. Alongside the book donation, access to ASAN's resource library will be granted, providing valuable technical reports, self-advocacy curriculum and additional informative materials.

As part of this initiative, books will be allocated for use in sensory rooms and the virtual sensorium. The selection of books covers a variety of topics to cater to diverse preferences and interests within the autism community.

ASAN, a prominent advocate for autism self-advocacy, envisions a world where all individuals on the autism spectrum have the right to decide their own destinies. The organization works tirelessly to empower individuals with autism, promoting acceptance, inclusion and understanding.

“The Initiatives in Accessibility Committee, housed in WIU’s JIDE office and chaired by Speech Language Pathology and Audiology professor Julie Curless, is grateful for ASAN’s support in providing free books and resources for members of our Neurodivergent community and sensory room initiatives in Macomb and WIU-QC, as well as our virtual sensorium for online students. This early investment will help our programs to continue to come to life,” WIU Political Science Professor Casey LaFrance said.

For more information on Western’s sensory rooms and virtual sensorium, email

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