Father Rose Farewell

Father Rose Farewell Parade January 17th

MLK Day Of Service

Carl Sandburg College students from CSC Office of Diversity and Inclusion servicing the Chili Drive-By.

MLK Day Of Service

Anthony Law Director of Carl Sandvburg College office of Diversity and inclusion talking with former Illinois House of REpresentatives Don Moffitt at the MLK Day of Serivce Chilil drive by January 18th

MLK Day Of Service

Reverend James A. Hailey III Pastor of the Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church. Reverend James cooked enough chili for 150 meals.

Winter Scene Galesburg AM Frost

Central Congregational after it frosted January 5, 2021.

Knox County Farm Bureau Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic

Terri Burns and her Husband were the first two to be in line for the Covid-19 Vaccine at the Knox County Farm Bureau on January 21.

MLK Day Of Service

Semenya McCord and Anthony Law two of the organizers of the MLK Day Of Service Chili Drive-By.

Knox County Bureau Vaccination Clinic for Covid-19

Terri Burns Receiving the first shot of Covid-19 Vaccine at Knox County Bureau January 21

Rick Cross Photography

Richard Cross Official Photographer for The Burg


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Father Rose Farewell

Father Rose Farewell Parade January 17th