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Vietnam Veterans from the Illinois Army National Guard's 126th Supply and Services Co., presented the modern 126th Quartermaster Co. with a plaque with the 180 names of the Soldiers who served in Vietnam with the Illinois Army National Guard's 126th Supply and Services Co. of Quincy, Illinois, as part of the unit's family holiday party on Dec. 17.

The plaque will hang for perpetuity in the Illinois Army National Guard's Quincy Armory memorializing the service of the only Illinois Army National Guard unit to deploy to Vietnam. The unit deployed in September 1968 and returned to a parade and celebration in Quincy in August 1969.

The 126th's story began in 1924, when the Medical Detachment, 130th Infantry Regiment was federally recognized in Quincy, Illinois. That unit served in the Pacific theater during WWII and was reorganized and redesignated six times before becoming the 126th Service and Supply Company Feb. 1, 1968 and deploying to Vietnam May 13, 1968. Eventually, the 126th would become the 1844th Transportation Company before becoming the 126th Quartermaster Company.

The unit was re-activated in November 2016 as the 126 Quartermaster Co.

Jerry Roush of Quincy, Illinois, was one of the men who deployed to Vietnam with the 126th. Roush brought the unit's original guide-on with him and presented the plaque during the unit's drill on Dec. 17.

"The 126th has such a grand history and Quincy is its home," Roush said when the unit was re-activated in 2016.

"Seeing all these young Soldiers standing here makes me proud," said Roush. "I know that they'll carry on the traditions of the 126th and add to the history."

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