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Spring Clean-up Week

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Galesburg, IL (April 15, 2021) Spring clean-up week is underway in Galesburg, with the special pick-up week scheduled for April 12 - 16. As a reminder, during the City of Galesburg clean-up days, residential refuse customers can place most items, including oversized items and large quantities of refuse, on the curb on their regular refuse pick-up day by 6 a.m. and free pick-up will be provided by Waste Management. Based upon the volumes and high percentage of loose materials being placed at the curbs, some pickups may experience a delay. The refuse contractor will continue to collect volumes in order of their normal pick-up days, but may be a day or two behind schedule. For example, items placed out for their normal Wednesday morning pick up, may not be picked up until Thursday. The delayed pickups will continue into early next week. Residents should continue to place items on the curb by their normal refuse pick-up day, but understand that there may be a delay in pick-up and that the contractor will continue to work diligently to complete all pick-ups that were properly placed at the curb.

All loose items are required to be bagged or bundled. Cumbersome items, such as playsets or antenna towers, should be broken down or disassembled. Doors should be removed from large appliances for safety. There are some restrictions to this event. Yard waste is not included in this event and should be disposed of in accordance with guidelines provided in the Recycling and Solid Waste Brochure. Liquid paint, auto batteries, propane tanks, large amounts of demo waste, boards with exposed nails, large concrete chunks, large auto parts, motor oil, and tires cannot be accepted. Certain electronic devices such as computer equipment, televisions, FAX machines, DVD player/recorders, VCRs, video game consoles, iPods/portable digital music players, digital converter boxes, and cable/satellite receivers are prohibited from disposal in Illinois landfills will not be accepted. Options for electronics and paint recycling can be found in the Recycling and Solid Waste Brochure on the City's website. Restricted items that are not collected must be removed from the curb following the customer's regular refuse pick-up day. Any leftover waste on the curb after the customer's regular refuse pick-up day will be subject to additional fees for pickup. Notice is not required prior to the remaining items being collected and fees charged for the additional pickup. Clean-up week is funded entirely by City of Galesburg refuse customers and is provided to residents with an active refuse account. Waste from businesses and out-of-town sources is prohibited. Scavenging items from the curb is not allowed and violators can be fined.

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